Throwback: Why God Created You (Genesis 1)

Throwback – Creation – Genesis 1 (sermon)

Throwback – 1 – Creation – Genesis 1 (curriculum)

I believe we always find ourselves teaching and talking about the what of creation (everything, not evolution), the when of creation (young earth, not old earth), but we aren’t talking enough about the Who of creation (Creator God) or the why of creation. This sermon talks about the Creator of all creation and WHY He created us.

Ex Nihilo (Doctrine of Creation): Q&A Session “Ask Anything on Creation and Evolution”

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Ex Nihilo Title Video
Our worship service and Q&A last night were UNBELIEVABLE! We started off the night with our “CBSM Ski Trip 2011” video premier, and then heard our own students tell their ski trip stories from their adventures a couple of weeks ago. We then went into some powerful worship to set-up our Q&A. We’ve been on our students for the last week to talk to, invite, and bring their friends and whoever they can find who are obstinate, questionable, or iffy when it comes to Creationism. They did! Last night we had 188 teenagers who came to hear from a couple of scientists who told the truth on the biblical and natural data to back-up Creationism in an intelligent way. Paul Miller and James Breslford were our two answer-men for the Q&A. Paul works for missile defense with NASA, and has studied Creationism/Evolution for the for almost 40 years. James is second in charge at the Planetarium in town, and has studied this subject for decades as well. As you will hear from the mp3, they were well equipped to answer the tough questions coming cold-turkey from our students. Check it out.

Framework #11 – MACRO Theology – Doctrine of Creation

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            What do you think is the most beautiful, incredible, and amazing scene in creation that you’ve personally laid your eyes on?  For me it was most likely Jamaica.  The green mountains, the clear-blue Caribbean Sea, and the glowing waters at night (you’ll have to ask me about this one!) truly displayed the glory of God in His creation and handiwork.  But then again I’ve been to Mexico.  This is a place that is very dirty and dry with a bland scenery.  So when we think about God creating all things, which scenery do you think about?  Does one glorify God over the other?  Is one a more clear and vivid display of His majesty?  How should we view creation?

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