White Flag: Change Your Filter

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Everyone uses a filter for their pictures on Instagram. In the same way, everyone sees life through a filter. Its important to first identify your filter, and then change your filter to make sure you’re seeing life correctly. “Jesus became our curse so that He could be our blessing.”  Continue reading

White Flag: Sharing Your Faith with Skeptical Friends

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Everyone has those people in their lives to whom it seems impossible to witness. This sermon is designed from God’s Word to teach us how to share the Gospel with those who are skeptics. “When they ask you about His rules, tell them about His rescue.”  Continue reading

You Asked For It: How To Talk To Your Friends About Jesus (The Romans Road, Q&A)

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Here is our latest “You Asked For It” sermon series study. This particular night was spent on the question “How do I talk to my friends about Jesus?” You asked for it, so here you go. The first part of the message I tried to prove how everyone is wanting the gospel, then I walked our students through our CBSM version of the Romans Road, and then we took some Q&A.

One Hit Wonders: Tainted Love (Book of Jonah)

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I won’t do any small group questions with this lesson on Jonah. Our small groups this Sunday we be a promotion. All the students are promoting up to their next grade for the new school year. They will be getting new small group leaders and a new small group room. So this Sunday, I want all our small group leaders to focus on getting to know their small group students. I want all our small group students to focus on getting to know each other and their small group leaders.

The book of Jonah rocked my world! Talk about having a tainted love. Jonah had a very skewed view of love for God and for people. Jonah did not want to go and tell Nineveh about God’s forgiving love because Jonah didn’t want God to forgive them. Jonah knew that Nineveh was the capital city of Assyria…who was about to attack the northern kingdom of Israel and send them into exile. How could God forgive His enemies?! Jonah seemed to love God but hate Nineveh. I think our problem is the opposite. It seems to me that we don’t witness because we love people and hate God. Could that be your problem? Check out this study on the book of Jonah, listen to the podcast, and let God rock your world as well. He will use you as a great witness!

CBSM @ GIC Missions Conference

As Capshaw Baptist is holding our 2nd annual “Global Impact Celebration” Missions Conference this week till Sunday, I wanted to update you on everything that CBSM will be doing from now until then.

Wednesday Night: March 2nd
CBSM will be meeting with the rest of the church in our gymnasium area for a ton of free food from 5:00 – 6:00pm. If you’re bringing your family, then bring some food to contribute! Then at 6:30pm, we’ll all meet and sit together in the main auditorium of the church for the epic opening event of this GIC Conference. You will experience an awesome light show, aired-up globes bouncing around the room, unbelievable excitement, African drum performance, around 30 missionaries from all over the planet and our nation, passionate worship, and a challenging message from one of the premier speakers on missions and the gospel. This will last until 8:00pm. We want all of our CBSM students here! Continue reading

“Where God and Satan Agree” (2 Corinthians 3:12 – 4:6)

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Where God and Satan Agree – 2 Cor 3-4 (mp3)
Where God and Satan Agree – 2 Cor 3-4 (handout)
Where God and Satan Agree – 2 Cor 3-4 (commentary)
Where God and Satan Agree – 2 Cor 3-4 (outline)
Where God and Satan Agree – 2 Cor 3-4 (small groups)
This was our final CBSM worship service of 2010, which is why God chose for us to study this passage and challenge us in this special way. Could you imagine God and Satan agreeing on anything? They actually do! They agree on the key to all of life. God is sovereignly working towards it, and Satan is trying to stop him from it. So then the question is…what is the key to all of life? Listen and find out!

CBSM Sermon Clip – How to Witness to an Atheist

This is a quick sermon video clip during “Man On The Island: Is MOTI Ignorant about God?” This clip is all about how we challenge our students to evangelize atheists. Check it out.

framework #32: the doctrine of general revelation – Is the man on the island IMPORTANT to God?

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3 – MOTI – Important (small groups)
This is our last sermon through the MOTI (Man On The Island) series. We go back over if Moti really is IGNORANT of God’s existence, if Moti really is INNOCENT of sin, and if Moti really is IMPORTANT to God and to us. We really laid our cards on the table with this one…answering if Moti dies tomorrow…would he go to heaven or hell? Some people may not like our answer…but that doesn’t matter! What matters is…how God answers this question in Scripture! In this message, we had 255 teenagers present since it was our BACK 2 SCHOOL BASH event night. At least 7 teenagers received Christ and were saved on this night. It was just simply a night that God used to rock our lives and our student ministry. I want to thank our students for doing such an amazing job of being missionaries and bringing their friends. I want to thank all of our adult leaders who serve so well and make everything run smoothly. I want to thank Dr. Russell Moore for this amazing sermon that he preached that we could piggy-back off of and turn into a student ministry series. And lastly I want to thank JESUS for coming to us, revealing Himself to us through the preaching of the gospel of others, that we could be saved and enjoy eternity with Him! Continue reading

on CBSM Making an Impact…Globally

Chuck Rheam (church planter out of San Diego, CA with Centerpoint Church) was CBSM’s guest speaker during our church’s GIC: Global Impact Celebration conference on missions.  He whipped up a powerful sermon for our students on Saturday night of the conference.  Check it out here if you weren’t able to listen.  He basically preached on: “Do you have what it takes to be a missionary.”  Listen to find out what it takes, and how to grow in it.

Chuck Rheam Sat Night (mp3)

That’s what he said.

floundersAs I’m chillin down in Pensacola, FL right now with my family, we went to the busiest restaurant on the beach – Flounders.  My mom always beats me to the punch by asking the server what could we pray for them about since we pray before every meal.  Finally, I beat her!  I asked the dude, “Man, we’re about to pray before we eat, is there anything we can be praying for you about?”  He said he had to think about it.  Several minutes later he came back and said, “I got one.  This is the busiest restaurant on the beach, and we have about 50 new servers on staff who don’t know what they’ve gotten into.  We’re a family restaurant until 9pm rolls around.  Then we ask the families with children to leave, we pump the music, we turn this place into a dance club, we break out all the drinks…we have wet tshirt contests and everything.”  To all that I just said, “Well there’s a lot to pray for in that situation!”  Then he said, “So pray for our staff to serve them well.”  Let me recap…I asked for prayer to the Holy, Almighty God.  He asked for prayer for his servers to keep serving alcohol, to keep the party going, and to keep the tshirts wet.  That’s what he said!  I’m still not sure how to pray…except for salvation and judgment 🙂