cbsm sermon video on esther 2-10 (for the love: way more than heroes and villains)

This is our latest sermon video uploaded to vimeo by our UPLOAD team. You’ll see how Esther is one of the most dramatic, suspenseful, and epic stories of all the Bible…and how it points us to Christ…AND how it applies to our lives of relationships, dating, love, and marriage. Enjoy!

Esther series sermon intro video (with lyrics)

you may have already seen our Esther sermon intro video, but you may not have seen it will all the lyrics yet. The main genius behind our videos is the way Andrew has written them with unreal detail to the biblical book behind it. Check it out one more time, and definitely read the lyrics with it!

CBSM sermon video on Esther 1-2 (For The Love: Way more than Hunks and Hotties)

The audio to the sermon intro video “Fresh Princess” did not come through, so just fast forward to the sermon as the sermon video audio does work. You can scroll down to see and listen to the Esther sermon intro rap video!

Storyline #74: Esther 2:19 – 10:3 “For the Love: Way More than Villains and Heroes″

Free files for youth pastors and small group leaders: (download @ “CBSM Podcast” on iTunes podcasts)

2 – Esther2-10 – Villains and Heroes (handout)

2 – Esther 2-10 – For the Love (notes)

2 – Esther 2-10 – For the Love (commentary)

2 – Esther 2-10 – Villains and Heroes (service)

2 – Esther 2-10 – Villains and Heroes (small groups)

Esther sermon intro video:

Esther series “For the Love” intro video

We love to let Andrew loose to write, compose, direct, and edit sermon intro videos for every book series we did. Here’s what he came up with for this series with the help of our worship leader: Jason Cunningham.