Angels, Satan, and Demons: Demons and The Demonic

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Satan absolutely loves for us to think about his demons as scary and spooky. He wants us to be freaked out and creeped out by them, because then our thinking is off of their true purpose: evil and sinfulness. In this important message, you’ll hear more about where demons came from, what they are like, what they do, what they have to do with us, and how we can overpower them. Definitely give this a look, a study, and a watch. Its a message every Christian needs to know!

Church Membership Matters (1 John 2:18-25)


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Church Membership Matters – 1 John 2 (sermon outline)

I got another shot to preach this Sunday morning since my pastor was out of town.  It was one of those Sundays where I thought I did just an average job, but our very gracious church was very encouraging about it.  But its definitely not about my performance, encouragement, or rating how I did…its all about how God uses His preached Word.  I would much rather preach a pitiful sermon where I look stupid and God use it in huge ways than me “do my best” and there be very little fruit.  Anyways, it was a huge honor to communicate God’s Word to His people this Sunday, and my prayer is that He will continue to use it in the lives of our people in the days to come!

Framework #17 – MACRO Theology – Doctrine of the Church

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I close friend told me a story once where he was playing golf with an unbeliever on a Sunday evening since his church had canceled the worship service for that night.  He simply remarked to his friend on the course, “It just doesn’t feel like Sunday right now to me.”  His unbelieving friend turned his head and replied back, “Why, because you don’t have to go to church tonight?”  Is that the way we are tempted to think about the church?  Is it a place that we have to go?  It is a just requirement in our life?  Should it be a people rather than a place? Continue reading