The End: What Are The Views On The End?

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What’s your view on the End Times? Do you have one? How sure are you? Do you think others are wrong, stupid, or ungodly if their view is different from yours? Could each of the major views actually help and benefit our spiritual walk? Are all areas of the end times of equal importance? Here answers to these questions and more from this study! What are your thoughts on all this?

Framework #18 – MACRO Theology – Doctrine of the End Times

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Right now our church is working on a revival in November.  We as a church staff have gotten together and made plans, we’ve called the evangelist who’s coming, we’re talking to schools in the area to get him in, etc.  Notice how we first wanted to have a revival here, then next we put plans in place to have it.  From before the beginning of creation, God’s first thought was how He wanted all eternity to look, and then He put His plans in place to make it happen.  Eternity isn’t just the last thing on God’s list, but it was the very first thing on His mind.  Continue reading