storyline #83: psalm 22 “apps for iworship: emotion″

Free files for youth pastors and small group leaders:
5 – Psalm 22 – iWorship with Emotion (mp3)
5 – Psalm 22 – iWorship with Emotion (handout)
5 – Psalm 22 – iWorship with Emotion (ppt)
5 – Psalm 22 – iWorship with Emotion (commentary)
5 – Psalm 22 – iWorship with Emotion (sermon)
5 – Psalm 22 – iWorship with Emotion (small groups)
5 – Psalm 22 – iWorship with Emotion (service)

sermon intro video:
Our churches today can be all outta whack with emotion. Some churches are suped up on some crazy emotion. Other churches are just a boring bunch of nerds who don’t ever show emotion in worship. Then there are Christians out there walking around emotionless for Jesus like a bunch of androids, and others are like emotional roller-coasters who have no balancing faith to their feelings. What does God’s Word say about our emotions when it comes to worship? Check it out. This study got good fast!

Part 2: How to Preach/Teach to Teenagers

I remember being in Uganda, Africa a few summers ago.  While I was there, a group of high school sophomores from Ireland came through.  They were of the “conservative-Christian” political class in Ireland.  After asking them questions, I quickly found out that “conservative-Christian” has a much different meaning there than here.  Not one of the teenagers believed or even knew the gospel, only a couple of them said that the Bible may be true in some parts, and many of them doubted God’s existence.  Believe it or not, Bono’s(from the band U2) daughter was there.  I preached in the church service at the local orphanage on a Sunday morning with the teenagers also present.  I preached on the gospel of Christ through the lens of being adopted into God’s family as a son through Jesus.  But I didn’t just give the facts, rather I preached the gospel of Jesus emotionally, passionately, and compellingly.  At the end of the service, the Irish students came up and said that if a preacher preached like that in their country…in such a way that it was obvious he believed what he preached…his church would be packed out.

Youth pastors, when we are preaching and teaching our teenagers, we must preach in a way that is passionate and compelling. Continue reading