cbsm sermon video: Job 2-37 “Afflicted: Oprah and Other Christless Counselors”

This sermon is preached by our very own, David Munoz (CBSM and Sparkman Sophomore). David is part of our KTL ministry group who goes through a spring semester class to learn how to preach and teach from all the Scriptures in a Christ-centered, gospel-grounded, and life-changing way. In this sermon, David is preaching Job 2-37 on how to get and give Christ-centered counseling.

storyline #76: job 2 – 37 “afflicted: oprah and other Christless counselors″

Free resources for youth pastors and small group leaders:

2 – Job 2-37 – Counseling (mp3)

2 – Job 2-37 – Counseling (handout)

2 – Job 2-37 – Counseling (Davids sermon notes)

2 – Job 2-37 – Counseling (small groups)

2 – Job 2-37 – Counseling (service)

2 – Job 2-37 – Counseling (ppt)


Sermon Intro Video:

This sermon was preached by David Munoz, one of our sophomore students in our KTL ministry.  We have been going over “how to preach” for the last 3 months.  These KTL guys have probably put somewhere around 30 hours into their sermons.  Can you imagine your first time ever publicly preaching to an audience of 125ish teens, about 20 adults, around 12 college students, friends and family present, video recorded for views on the net, and audio recorded for iTunes?  No pressure, right?!  As our first KTL preacher of 2010, David definitely stepped up to the plate and knocked a homer out of the park.  He challenged us on how to GET and GIVE Christ-centered counseling from Job 2 – 37.