Storyline #48: 1 Samuel 4-7 “God Users are Losers”

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2 – 1 Sam 4-7 – Ark (handout)

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            Do you have a good luck charm?  Some baseball players sleep with their bat in their bed, some football players get trainers to smack them across the face to pump them up before a game, and some hockey players dip their stick in a toilet to teach it respect.  1 Samuel 4 – 7 is all about a story when the nation of Israel had reduced God down to their own cute little good luck charm.  So be thinking, “Do you use God as your own personal good luck charm?”  Let’s take a good look at this passage and our lives. Continue reading

Storyline #47: 1 Samuel 1-3 “The Rise of The Kingdom: Answer Every Call”

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1 – 1 Sam 1-3 – Samuel (game: kingdom text mix)

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            “Kingdom” is a word that everyone gets and wants if they know it or not.  When I was around 7, my cousin and I would hangout a lot to set up our G.I. Joes like a kingdom battle.  In the next room, my sister would set up her Barbies like a peaceful kingdom-home.  All kids freak out when they get to experience the Magic Kingdom at Disneyworld.  Even elderly people love to join a kingdom-like retirement village with their own chariot-golf carts, dwell in their own castle-apartments, etc.  A kingdom is a place were people life live together ruled by a king.  Our culture and we as humans seem to both understand and desire a kingdom, but why?  Everyone sets-up their own kind of kingdom.  Why?  It’s because God created us for an eternal and powerful kingdom.

            Leading up to the book of 1 Samuel, God is moving Israel into the kingdom phase of their history. Continue reading