What “Christian” Teenagers Are Really Thinking!

This is a necessary article for every teenager and teenager’s parent to read. Some of my favorite professors and teachers are ones who could call me out on what I was thinking…and I didn’t even realize it before hand. This is a great article on what the average “Christian” teenager is thinking…and how wrong it is. This type of thinking is absolutely anti-gospel. It’s a focus on ourselves and not a focus on Jesus and the gospel. We must not think “I must try harder.” Rather we should think, “I need to trust in Jesus…period.” Here’s the article:

What Christians Really Believe: “I Must Try Harder”
By: Ed Welch
Published: Nov 17, 2011

“Hello, I am a moralistic therapeutic deist.” That’s the word from a number of evangelical teens.

I really liked that phrase when I first read it, though it seemed a little clunky. It was introduced by the 2005 book, Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers. After listening to about 3,000 interviews the authors suggested that evangelical teens describe their beliefs this way:

God created
God wants us to be happy
God waits around until we have a problem then jumps in to help
Good people – people who are nice – go to heaven

In other words, they are moralistic therapeutic deists. Continue reading