EMERGING CHURCH: Rehashing the Revolution Conference

emerging-church1Great lecture on the emerging church by Pastor Mark Driscoll: The Emerging Church (mp3)

My students came away needing a little more clarification on a session they went to on the emerging church, so I thought this would be the best place to rehash the topic a little more. If you want to ease drop on this conversation between my students and I…feel free.

Students, I didn’t sign you up for the emerging church session for any other reason than I really do think you need to have a good understanding of this because it is getting so popular, because it can be so attractive, and because it can be so dangerous. The emerging church is catching on today all over the world. We see the worldview of the emerging church in several popular books by “Christian” leaders, in several mega-churches, in many church conferences, in tons of youth ministry materials, and in a lot of youth ministries everywhere. So hopefully you’re wondering now…WHAT IS IT?!

Okay, this can be really confusing, so read slow like on a 3rd grade level…which is basically the level I live on. I’ll type slower so you can read slower. Kidding! Anyways, the “emerging church” mindset as a whole is not overall wrong. The emerging church guys are seeking to do a better job of engaging this world’s culture in order to reach this world for Christ. For example, the emerging church can see it as helpful to lose the pipe organ, use some technology, and speak in today’s language in order to show people today how Jesus is relevant to their lives, their families, and their culture. Where the emerging church goes bad is when they use the sinful part of culture in order to try and reach the world. For example, a pastor serving beer, getting drunk, and preaching in a speedo while mid-drifting…BAD. But a pastor who spices up the music to sound more like the radio, keep the lyrics faithful and true to the Scriptures, preach in today’s lingo while keeping the Word of Christ as the center, all while upholding all of the traditions found in the Bible…GOOD. We have to use our biblical wisdom to discern bad or good. Continue reading

ARE YOU NUTS?: Critiquing the Controversial

So many books right now are out that are biblical (spiritual) that the world seems to be reading.  They are super controversial in the conservative-theological world.  I’ve always wanted to read them, never could find the time, but would find myself in conversations about them all the time.  I kept doing something I never really wanted to do…I’d debate on the validity of these works without reading them.  All I had to go off of was what I heard – and you know that doesn’t hold a drop of water with the readers!  So I’ve found a way to get into them…audio books on my ipod touch!  In the last week I’ve gotten to go through “The Shack” by William P. Young and “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller.  I’m finally finding time to go through these books that are sweeping and swarming the world spiritually…but may not be full of the truth that they claim.  So over the next few days I want to write a couple blogs on what I’ve learned and found in these books that are true and that are dangerous.  So stay tuned…same blog time, same blog channel.