cbsm sermon video: “doctrine of providence – you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers”

Our students had tons of questions from the Doctrine of Providence series.  So here is how we answer their super tough questions to this crazy deep doctrine. Here are some questions:

Does God still send catastrophes to discipline nations or people for sin?

How can God use natural catastrophes like earthquakes and hurricanes to cause certain people to have the opportunity to change so that they follow God’s will, but at the same time cause great destruction or death for others that apparently are already following God’s will in the same affected area?

How do you choose between multiple options of good things for God’s will?

Since God has it all planned out, should I just quit applying to so many colleges?

If God already knows what is going to happen in the future, then why does He have a  will for our lives?

If God is in control, then we’re just finger puppets. If God gives us choices, then God is out of control.  Which is it?

Does God have us a specific person for us to marry?

Does God get tired of hearing same prayers?

Why does a sov wise God answer prayers of dumb humans?

If God is all knowing and does not change His mind, how does prayer change His mind?