Imago Dei: Humanity Created (Genesis 1:26-28)

Free resources for youth pastors, small group leaders, etc:
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What exactly is the image of God? What is it about humanity that images Him? What does “image” even mean? This new sermon series is going to answer those questions and many more about this tough theological issue. We believe that the answers are both practical and life changing! This is the start of a month long series that gets into who we are as humans, why we are created as males and females, and how we live out our humanity best for Jesus.

24: A Sunday in the Life of a Youth Pastor

We had an extrordinary day of worship yesterday.  My plan was to get to the church a little early in order to put the finishing touches unto Sunday school at 8am here at the church.  When I was rolling in, I noticed way more cars than normal (since I’m normally about the only one here at that time).  Then I remembered…prayer breakfast!  That was a great thing since I was hungry.  So I skipped into the gym, got me some biscuits, gravy, chocolate gravy even, and and about a gallon of coffee…to start my day off right!  There our worship Pastor, Brandon, did a fantastic job of addressing our men on being the leaders of worship in the church.

Right after that I went over to the student building (which was freezing cold because of the temperature change and no one got to the thermostat yet).  Sunday school went very well.  I was pleased.  Continue reading