Meet Your Maker: God’s Image in Us

In this Liberty Students study from our Meet Your Maker series, we learned what it really means that God created us in His image, if we’re still in God’s image, and how Jesus restores His image in us. The Bottom Line for the night was: “The only way you Continue reading

Meet Your Maker: God Is Trinity

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Meet Your Maker is our series on the Doctrine of God, and this sermon is on God as Trinity. God being Trinity is not only important for us to believe, but His threeness also has important implications for us to be living. Bottom line: ” Continue reading

Meet Your Maker: God is One [by Quin Shipp]

Quin Shipp kicked-off our new series on “Meet Your Maker” through the doctrine of God with a sermon on “God is One.” Bottom Line: “God is one because He won so live on mission for His Son.” Continue reading