CBSM Disciple Now Weekend: November 9-11

CBSM Disciple Now Weekend (video below)
Friday Nov 9 – Sunday Nov 11
For all 6th – 12th Graders
All friends welcome!
Cost: $40 for weekend (includes concert, conference, food, tshirt, etc)
Concert Cost: $10. Limited space!
Registration Form: DNOW Registration Form.pdf
DNOW College Leaders Guidelines.doc
DNOW Homes Guidelines.doc
DNOW Parents Letter.doc
DNOW Small Group Leaders Guidelines.doc

Theme: “Jesus or Nothing: Worldviews and World Religions”
Friday Night: FLAME Concert (video below)
Saturday: Worship with the Bo Warren Band (band and song in DNOW video below), Breakouts and Main Sessions with Dan Dewitt (video below) and Owen Strachan
Sunday Morning: Q & A with Speakers

DNOW Weekend is a fun-packed few days of worshiping Jesus, learning a ton, hanging out with other teenagers, staying in homes with your small group friends (same age, same gender designated homes), and being equipped how to defend our faith around other religions. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the church office: (256) 232-7763. Check out the videos below to see a past DNOW, Dan Dewitt (main speaker), and FLAME.


CBSM One Day DNOW: Love Lessons (March 2 – 3) $30 ea.

Important One Day DNOW Downloads:
DNOW 2012 Fillout.pdf (Due: Wed, Feb. 23)
CBSM Medical Release Form 2012.doc

CBSM is starting up 2 DNOW’s a year. Why? CBSMers are busy. Some CBSMers are busier in the fall and some in the spring. So we just decided to give 2 DNOW options. Our DNOW this spring will be a “One Day” event. We will get started at 7pm on Friday night and we’ll go till 8pm on Saturday night.

Our theme is “Love Lessons.” As we’ll be finishing up our February teaching series on Imago Dei which is all about God’s image in us, how we’re created in gender, what designed roles come with our gender, how our humanity has been attacked, how our humanity can be saved through Jesus, and how we can live as men and women of Jesus from now until eternity. Love Lessons will be a perfect finishing touch to this series. We’ll be studying these topics over the weekend:

Breakout Sessions:
For Middle and High School Girls (Separately)
Straight Talk: A Conversation with Speaker John Powell and His Wife
Single and Satisfied: For Anyone Unmarried (with Kristin Oliver)
DTR: Biblical Relationships Before Marriage (with Fawnda Dooley)
Cute, Classy, and Covered: Modesty and Purity (with Kristin Oliver)
Thinking Ahead: Prepping for Engagement, Marriage, and Parenting (with Fawnda Dooley)

For Middle and High School Guys (Separately)
Straight Talk: A Conversation with Speaker John Powell
Thinking Ahead: Prepping for Engagement, Marriage, and Parenting (Ron Mize)
Single and Satisfied: For Anyone Unmarried (with Jacob Fowler)
DTR: Biblical Relationships Before Marriage (with Jacob Fowler)
Pursuing Purity: Being The Brakes And and not The Gas (Dan Munoz) Continue reading

CBSM DNOW Weekend 2011: November 11-13 (Starting Friday at 10pm)

Now starting Friday at 10pm due to the Bob Jones vs. Hoover game in town. DNOW stands for Disciple Now. CBSM sets aside this weekend every year for a more focused and intensive weekend on discipleship more than ever. Our discipleship is most specifically becoming more like and following Jesus. In order to achieve this, we’ll have 3 CBSM-style worship services, students staying together in homes as small groups, students doing service projects together, and a Q&A at the end of the weekend to make sure we drive the topic home. What’s the topic? COMMUNITY! We want our students to understand the biblical importance of gospel-communities in their lives. We’ll explain more what I mean over the weekend. But basically, we want enhance our small group ministry experience to the ultimate, maximum capacity! You will love our guest speaker and worship band coming in just for this weekend! Cost is $30 each.

Forms, Schedule, and What to Bring (below):
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