Storyline #39: Judges 1-3 “The Sin Cycle and the Commode Killer”

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Every single Monday, week after week after week, I would hear the same thing: “That’s the last time I’ll ever get drunk!” It was an annoying, repetitive cycle. My friend would go out that weekend, get hammered, puke his guts out, not remember much from the weekend, and come in to work every Monday morning vowing to NEVER do it again. Do you know people caught up in the sin cycle? Are you one of those people?

The book of Judges helps us to take a step back, see our sin cycle, and kill it! In Judges 1 – 2, we read that Israel is caught up in the sin cycle. They would start worshipping fake gods, God would discipline them by handing them over to their enemies, they’d cry out to God for help, and God would send them a deliverer to rescue them. How did they keep getting caught up in the sin cycle? As they were taking over the promise land from their enemies, they didn’t annihilate all of their enemies like God told them to. So when Israel enslaved their enemies, God used their enemies to discipline them by enslaving Israel. Thus, you got yourself a real sin cycle that kept repeating. We have got to remember that. The little sins we don’t kill…that don’t seem like a big deal… they will end up leading to bigger and more repetitive sins that enslave us. We have got to take a step back, ask God to surface our sin cycle, and kill them off before they kill us! Continue reading

Part 2 – “Know Your Role: Gender Roles, Relationships, and the Gospel”

Whoa, I had no idea this blog article would get so , many hits!  In fact, I traced many of the hits coming from a website on “transgender resources.”  Apparently, this pro-transgender site literally took a paragraph of my previous article and posted it to their site.  I got several hits from that site!  There seemed to be a response on that site pointed toward me which read “people won’t remember what you said, people won’t remember what you’ve done…but people will remember how you made them feel.”  Just to respond to that person…if in any way I made you feel less of a person or less than loved, I truly apologize!  I have no authority whatsoever to deem the value or worth of a person nor who should or who should not be loved.  But, if my comments made you feel a little convicted, guilty, or shameful of your lifestyle, I cannot apologize for that because those feelings haven’t come from me…but from the Holy Spirit (John 16:8-11). 

In fact, please know that I myself often feel convicted, guilty, and shameful.  Continue reading

Framework #06 – Doctrine of Jesus Christ – His Atonement

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Think back to when Jesus said: “You’re all evil. There’s no hope. That’s it. Thank you.” Well of course you don’t remember Him saying that in the Bible, but if you watched the video above this article you heard “Him” say it. Isn’t it amazing how many Christians don’t spread the gospel? Not sharing is just saying, “You’re all evil and there is no hope for you.” Many believe that Jesus just lists off sins to condemn the world rather than giving His life to save the world. How deeply do we believe in the Father’s forgiveness through Christ’s sacrifice? Continue reading

Storyline# 03 – Genesis 3 – Reverse the Curse!

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Something I’ve always wanted is a talking pet. Have you seen those cats and dogs that can talk by mimicking their owners by saying something like “I love you.” That is really cool to me…but it also freaks me out! Their voices sound so different than their normal pet noises.

When thinking about the scene in Genesis 3, we can’t imagine this speaking serpent as simply some “copy cat” (pun intended!). Continue reading