How To Lose a Parent Biblically


After my parents had a house fire (to where they pretty much lost everything) last week while they were at home, I had to face the feelings of life one day without them. At the same time, one of our amazing small group leaders (Ron Mize) lost his mom to a hard-fought battle with pneumonia. They say the only thing worse than losing a parent in this life is losing a child. I have been through my share of teenagers losing a parent and I want to do everything possible to help them through that unbelievably difficult time. Ron handled his mother’s death in such a biblical way that I wanted to honor him by detailing how I saw God help him through it all. So if you’re a teen or adult, I pray you can use this article whenever facing such a tragic situation in your life or someone elses’s.

1. Love. It was obvious how much Ron loves his mom and family because he spent so much time with her while she was in the hospital. I’ve heard you spell love T-I-M-E. You can say you love them, but do you give them your time? I’ve also heard it said that the more you love someone the more you’ll miss them when they’re gone. True, but also the more you love them, the more you’ve spent time with them, and the less you’ll have regrets to live with. The way to lose a parent most biblically is to love them, spend time with them, and honor them while they’re here…whether well, sick, or dying.

2. Wisdom. Ron and his family had to make many difficult decisions while his mom was in the hospital. Decisions I don’t even want to think about having to make. But they had to be made, and I know he is a very godly man who makes decisions based on God’s Word and prayer. In James 1:5, God promises He will give His people His wisdom. Making decisions based on God’s Word and wisdom leaves you with no regrets. That is necessary to losing a parent biblically. Continue reading