Following Jesus: And God’s Will For Your Life by David Munoz (Matthew 26-27)

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15 – Following Jesus – Arrest (mp3).mp3
15 – Following Jesus – Arrested (handout).pdf
15 – Following Jesus – Arrested (ppt).ppt
15 – Following Jesus – Arrested (notes).doc
David Munoz is a CBSM senior and 2012 graduate of Sparkman High School. He’s been at Capshaw Baptist for most of his life. He plans to attend Auburn University and study business management. If you get to listen to or watch his sermon, you’ll notice that he’s a naturally gifted preacher of God’s Word. He’s been preaching once a year in CBSM since he was sophomore. I absolutely loved this sermon by David. Every year I like to give him HUGE chunks of Scripture to preach. This year was no different as he had a lot to tackle from the betrayal, garden prayer, arrest, and trial of Jesus. It was a very powerful, convicting, and Christ-centered sermon. Definitely take the opportunity to check it out if you get a chance!

What This Church Is All About (by Munoz and Mize)

David Munoz wrote this rap while on a mission trip that was focused on church planting. He wrote it on what his church plant one day would be all about. This is literally one of the best raps I’ve ever read in my enter life. Move over Lecrae, Tedashi, Trip Lee, KB, and Flame. David Munoz is on the scene. Keith Mize is also featured here. Jason Cunningham is skiddle-dee-dooing some riffs on the electric. And Michael Harris is our bobble head in the bottom right corner. Check it out, and get a taste of what’s going down on Wednesday nights at CBSM. We are so Jesus chill! I could not be more impressed with everything that God is doing in the lives of these students, all that they are learning, how they are growing, and how they are centering it all on Jesus! Here are the lyrics to David’s sick rhyme.

This church is all about Jesus
and the way He was killed
the way He rose from the grave
bein’ so Spirit filled
Then ascended into heaven
leavin’ us to do His will
so now we’re singin’ at the Crossroads
bein’ so Jesus-chill

(Verse 1)
At first we might not have all the lights
but just like Angry Birds
you know we gonna be real tight
we might be unlike everybody else alone
witnessin’ on the the Vegas strip
without our cell phones
No distractions! We know the code
it’s not about the salary
it’s all about reality
cause Jesus is LORD
preachin’ the story, praisin’ raisin’ our hands up
and celebrating the Messisah because Jesus is enough Continue reading

REBUK’D: Rebuke and Repentance by David Munoz (Jeremiah 21-29)

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4 – Jeremiah 21-29 – The Rebuke (mp3)
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4 – Jeremiah 21-29 – The Rebuke (ppt).ppt
4 – Jeremiah 21-29 – The Rebuke (David sermon notes).doc
4 – Jeremiah 21-29 – The Rebuke (service).doc

David Munoz (CBSM & Sparkman Junior) absolutely LIT IT ON FIRE last night with his sermon on Rebuke and Repentance. This whole REBUK’D series has been building up to this point in the book where Jeremiah just unleashes on God’s people and starts rebuking everyone for their sin. David talks about the four different groups of people that Jeremiah rebukes, how Jesus fulfilled Jeremiah’s ministry of rebuke, and how we need to rebuke others just like Jesus. I wonder if there is this much sin in our own lives, our own families, and our own churches because we aren’t bold enough to rebuke others and not humble enough to receive rebuke from them? But honestly, the problem is that we don’t take sin as seriously as God takes it. If we took sin as seriously as Him (who killed His own Son for the payment for our sin), then we would rebuke each other, hold each other accountable, and repent of sin. So check out David’s sermon. This biblical concept that he is communicating would change every single student ministry out there for the glory of Christ…if our students would live it out!

Service Intro Video: CBSM’s 2011 Late New Year’s Bash

This is the video we played to kick off our first service of the year, and to throw a little late New Years party for our students. At the countdown we had confetti cannons explode and everything for them. It was pretty epic. Enjoy the hilarious video by our media guy (Andrew England) and worship guy (Jason Cunningham).

storyline #76: job 2 – 37 “afflicted: oprah and other Christless counselors″

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2 – Job 2-37 – Counseling (mp3)

2 – Job 2-37 – Counseling (handout)

2 – Job 2-37 – Counseling (Davids sermon notes)

2 – Job 2-37 – Counseling (small groups)

2 – Job 2-37 – Counseling (service)

2 – Job 2-37 – Counseling (ppt)


Sermon Intro Video:

This sermon was preached by David Munoz, one of our sophomore students in our KTL ministry.  We have been going over “how to preach” for the last 3 months.  These KTL guys have probably put somewhere around 30 hours into their sermons.  Can you imagine your first time ever publicly preaching to an audience of 125ish teens, about 20 adults, around 12 college students, friends and family present, video recorded for views on the net, and audio recorded for iTunes?  No pressure, right?!  As our first KTL preacher of 2010, David definitely stepped up to the plate and knocked a homer out of the park.  He challenged us on how to GET and GIVE Christ-centered counseling from Job 2 – 37.

KTL First Timers: Students’ First Sermons

ministry teams - ktlFree mp3’s of Student’s Sermons:

David Munoz’s sermon on Deborah and Barak (mp3)

Michael Harris’ sermon on Samson and Repentance (mp3)

KTL is our team of 11 guy students in our ministry who either believe they are called to the ministry and desire training, or they are not sure if God has called them to ministry but they desire to be trained in the meantime.  Out of the 11 guys, we had 4 (2 seniors and 2 juniors) who had the opportunity to preach through Judges in April for the entire student ministry.  The other 7 are getting their opportunity to preach to the KTL Team over the month of May.

The students I’m highlighting this week who got to preach this last Sunday evening for our KTL Team was David Munoz (freshman) and Michael Harris (8th grader). Continue reading