You Asked For It: Cuss Words vs. Christ’s Words

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This was the most requested sermon of our “You Asked For It” series. About once a month I hear the question “What’s so wrong with saying certain words? What makes those words so wrong and not others?” I’ve never heard a sermon on cuss words, so here you go world. Cuss Words vs. Christ’s Words. Let me know your thoughts.

The bleepity bleepin bleep on cussing

no_swearingWhat’s the big deal with certain words?  Are they really wrong?  Who says those words are wrong?  Who makes those rules?  Are they really wrong?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now.  Mark Driscoll (one of my favorite pastors/preachers) got me thinking on this. So even yesterday, I was at a seafood restaurant with my parents, and we got onto the Driscoll discussion.

Wouldn’t ya know it, at the same time, MSNBC comes out with an article on it.  So I just wanted to post my own thoughts along with theirs but mostly with God’s!

Ok, now let me be real and honest. First, I honestly never cuss out of anger, rage, humor, or anything like that. The only times I’ve said a cuss word in over 10 years is to repeat a conversation. Since I’ve come out of a more fundamental independent background, I feel so weird and dirty even doing that. Second, I do not go by the psychological therapeutic logic of MSNBC (the article represented later in this article). I’m merely just pointing out what the world is thinking and saying today on the topic of naughty words. Third, I do think that our language is a matter of our heart (Matthew 12:34). We need to think about what we’re communicating with our hearts when we use such words. Fourth, Paul says that we shouldn’t let any kind of corrupt (bad, evil, unwholesome) language come out of our mouths that have been united to Christ (Ephesians 4:29). Fifth, He also goes onto say that there shouldn’t be any dirty talk or dirty jokes come from our lips, but only thanksgiving to God (Ephesians 5:4). Continue reading