CBSM Small Groups Leaders Training Retreat

Framework-Small-Groups-(new)Free mp3s of Small Group Leaders Training Sessions

Small Group Leaders Retreat – Biblical Fellowship – Session 1

Small Group Leaders Retreat – Big Picture – Session 2

Small Group Leaders Retreat – Be Christ-Centered – Session 3

Small Group Leaders Retreat – Biblical Importance of Storyline and Application – Session 4

Small Group Leaders Retreat – Big Questions – Session 5

I don’t know about you, but earlier on in my ministry I would have done just about anything to get my hands on a very practical series concerning small groups (or Sunday school) specifically for student ministry.  I’m putting this resource out there for everyone in case it might be a help and a blessing to your youth ministry…wherever you are.  These mp3s are the teaching sessions of our annual small group leaders retreat.  Continue reading

Flyin High at 10,000

Looks like its official.  The ol blog just rolled over 10,000 hits.  Technology amazes me, intrigues me, and scares me.  I’m both totally stoked and completely humbled that God would use this blog.  The whole reason I started this blog was because I wanted to make a huge impact for the kingdom of Christ in student ministry.  With so little student ministry resources, curriculum, and materials that were truly biblical, theological, and centered on Christ…I wanted to supply some for youth pastors, teenagers, parents, churches, and Christian school teachers.  Everything we do is from God’s inerrant Word and is for the glory of Christ.  Its so interesting that the 10,000 mark hit when we finish up the Penteteuch (Genesis – Deuteronomy).  My prayer is that this blog will continue to provide resources such as mp3’s, fillout sheets, outlines, sermon notes, service orders, and powerpoints for all those who are passionate about preaching and teaching Christ to teenagers.  So all of this to say, thank you all for stopping by, poppin a squat, and taking a look.  I truly pray that God uses it in your life to bless the socks off some teenager for the cause of Christ.  IN fact, if you’ve used the blog and/or its resources in any way for youth ministry, I’d love to hear about it (  Always feel free to email or comment anytime with questions.  Tell others about it as well…for those that want to make a difference for the Kingdom of Christ!