Spencer Harmon – AKA: Beats and Babbles – AKA: 50 Spence @ CBSM DNOW 2010

Check out The Spencer Harmon doing his thang at the intro of our CBSM DNOW 2010. Legit! If you want to book him for a night and willing to pay over $1000, then you can call me as his agent. If you want to pay him peanuts…then you can just call him straight up.

CBSM DNOW 2010: Culture in 3D

Praise God…our CBSM DNOW 2010 was a BOOMIN success! We brought in Jedidiah Coppenger as our guest speaker, Boyce College’s Alethia as our guest band, and about 15 other Boyce College students as guest small group leaders. The weekend was ridiculous fun, but it was also seriously deep. Our students got together for 4 huge worship sessions. We kicked off each worship session with Boyce rapper: Spencer Harmon (check him out on Facebook). His iTunes album is called “Beats and Babbles.” Then we worshiped our hears out towards Jesus. And then we heard 4 challenging messages on culture by Jed on Cultural Definition, Discernment, and Deeds.

Free files for student pastors and small group leaders:
“DNOW 2010: Culture in 3D” Sermon Series Intro Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHpMoHmnzoU

1 – DNOW 2010 – Definition of Culture – Genesis 1 (mp3)
1 – DNOW 2010 – Definition of Culture – Genesis 1 (ppt)
1 – DNOW 2010 – Definition of Culture – Genesis 1 (sermon notes)

2 – DNOW 2010 – Discernment in Culture – Acts 17 (mp3)
2 – DNOW 2010 – Discernment in Culture – Acts 17 (ppt)
2 – DNOW 2010 – Discernment in Culture – Acts 17 (sermon notes)

3 – DNOW 2010 – Deeds for Culture – James 2 (mp3)
3 – DNOW 2010 – Deeds for Culture – James 2 (ppt)
3 – DNOW 2010 – Deeds for Culture – James 2 (sermon notes)

4 – DNOW 2010 – Q and A on Culture (mp3)

DNOW Handout – FrontandBack
DNOW Handout – Inside
DNOW Handout – QandA

CBSM DNOW 2010: Culture in 3D (October 29-31)

What? Disciple Now’s purpose: Disciple Students in Christ
When? October 29-31 (Friday through Sunday)
Cost? $20
Where? Capshaw Baptist Student Ministry Building
Topic? “Culture in 3D: Thinking through today’s entertainment”
Who? All 7th-12th graders. You will be with your small group.

DNOW is the most important weekend we do all year long! Imagine a whole weekend designed to teach you more about today’s culture, entertainment, media, technology and more. But not just to teach you about what’s going on, and also not just to teach you about what not to do…but really to teach you what culture actually is, how to discern what to stay away from, and how to know to use culture in every day life for the glory and fame of Jesus Christ. That is why we’re calling this whole weekend “Culture in 3D.”

You will meet Friday night at 9:30pm, and then you won’t go back home until Sunday around noon after the morning worship service. As you can see below on our DNOW schedule, the weekend will be full of 4 epic worship services, fun and fellowship in designated homes for small groups, mission projects, ridiculously good food, an exclusive DNOW 2010 tshirt, and oh so much more.

Now imagine all that, with all your food covered, with all your transportation and lodging covered, and you even get a DNOW Tshirt…all for just $20. Not bad, huh? That just means…you need to come! So here’s what you need to know…

Here is your WHAT TO BRING LIST. Make sure to take a look. This is important for every student!
DNOW What to Bring List (doc)

Here is your MEDICAL RELEASE FORM that is good for 2010…for those students who have not filled one out this year with a parents signature.
CBSM Medical Release Form (doc)

To REGISTER, just call Pastor Chip at the church office, or email him that you want to be a part of this life-changing, sin-shattering, and earth-shaking weekend!

9:30pm: Registration at the student building ($20 per student). Hang-out and snacks provided
10:30pm: DNOW Session #1
After: Go to homes for fun, discussion, fellowship, and sleep

11am: DNOW Session #2
12:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm: Mission Projects around town
6pm: Supper at the Church
7:30pm DNOW Session #3
9pm: Return to Homes for fun, discussion, fellowship, and sleep

8:30am: Breakfast at the Church
9:15am: Q and A about “Culture in 3D”
10:30am: Church worship service