Ex Nihilo (Doctrine of Creation): 3 Questions to Ask an Evolutionist

Free files for student pastors and small group leaders:
2 – Creation – Evolution (mp3)
2 – Creation – Evolution (handout)
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2 – Creation – Evolution (outline)
2 – Creation – Evolution (sermon notes)
2 – Creation – Evolution (small groups)
2 – Creation – Evolution (service)
Ex Nihilo Title Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUEiN6R2ZBw
(We used “Common Designer” from Answers in Genesis as our sermon intro video)
I’ve never preached on evolution before…nor have I ever preached on something that’s not in the Bible! I heavily studied Mark Driscoll’s chapter on “Creation” in his book “Doctrine.” You will see a lot of his material in my notes. I also used a little of Wayne Grudem’s chapter on “Doctrine of Creation” in his book “Systematic Theology” as well. I didn’t want to just preach a sermon on how evolution is wrong and creationism is right. So we went with the angle…how do we talk to evolutionists and engage them in conversation so that over time we can see God move their hearts to Jesus and then eventually to a biblical view of creationism? I want our students encouraged at every single moment to talk to unbelievers about Jesus, the gospel, the Word, etc! Check out all the resources above for a greater understanding on this HUGE issue.

CBSM Trip to the Creation Museum

Download: What to Bring and Know for Creation Museum Trip from Pastor Chip (doc)
Download: 2011 Medical Release Form (doc)

We now have plans to go to the Creation Museum! Why? Because we’re studying the Doctrine of Creation. You can read all about this amazing experience at http://www.creationmuseum.org Here are the specifics you need to know.

Who? This trip is for students of the Capshaw Baptist Student Ministry.

When? We’ll leave at 4pm on Friday, January 28th and return around 9pm on Saturday, January 29th. We’ll visit the museum on Saturday.

Where? The Creation Museum is in Northern KY around the Florence, KY area.

Transportation? We will be riding in 15 passenger vans driven by our own small group leaders.

Lodging? We will stay at the Best Western in Florence, KY.

Cost? The cost for the whole trip is $70 + 3 meals. Your cost includes hotel stay, transportation, gas, museum ticket, and planetarium show ticket. Again, you will need money for 3 additional meals.

What do you do now? Talk to your parents. See if you can go. Then contact Pastor Chip immediately. I need to know if you can go by Sunday, January 23rd. And I will need your $70 in a check made out to Capshaw by Wednesday, January 26.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!