Throwback: Why God Created You (Genesis 1)

Throwback – Creation – Genesis 1 (sermon)

Throwback – 1 – Creation – Genesis 1 (curriculum)

I believe we always find ourselves teaching and talking about the what of creation (everything, not evolution), the when of creation (young earth, not old earth), but we aren’t talking enough about the Who of creation (Creator God) or the why of creation. This sermon talks about the Creator of all creation and WHY He created us.

storyline #80: psalm 8 “apps for iworship: humanity″

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2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship as Humanity (mp3)
2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship as Humanity (handout)
2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship as Humanity (ppt)
2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship as Humanity (commentary)
2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship as Humanity (sermon)
2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship Humanity (service)
2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship as Humanity (small groups)

sermon intro video:

Our new series rolls on with message #2 “iWorship: as Humanity”.  In this message we studied the different Psalms that talk about who we are as humanity, how we’re supposed to worship as humanity, and who we are supposed to worship as humanity.  Psalm 8 and 139 are amazing Psalms that give us deep insight into these themes.  I pray you will be blessed and challenged!

Seminary and Student Ministry (part 2): The importance of teaching on CHRIST in student ministry

1-luke-24-christocentrismFree file for youth pastors:

“The Integrative Motif of all of Scripture: What is the first and final thought of God?”

The absolute most important truth I learned in seminary was the integrative motif to all systematic theology.  “What the heck is that, and what in the world would it have to do with student ministry?”  I’m glad you asked!  Our integrative motif is that central theme that we constantly teach, we constantly come back to, and we try to hammer into the teens heads every time we stand up to speak. Here are a couple things about an integrative motif: Continue reading

Framework #11 – MACRO Theology – Doctrine of Creation

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04-creation (ppt)

04-creation (handout)

04-creation (audio)

            What do you think is the most beautiful, incredible, and amazing scene in creation that you’ve personally laid your eyes on?  For me it was most likely Jamaica.  The green mountains, the clear-blue Caribbean Sea, and the glowing waters at night (you’ll have to ask me about this one!) truly displayed the glory of God in His creation and handiwork.  But then again I’ve been to Mexico.  This is a place that is very dirty and dry with a bland scenery.  So when we think about God creating all things, which scenery do you think about?  Does one glorify God over the other?  Is one a more clear and vivid display of His majesty?  How should we view creation?

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Framework #10 – MACRO Theology – Doctrine of Revelation

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03-revelation (ppt)

03-revelation (handout)

03-revelation (audio)

            Imagine living hundreds of years ago in a medieval kingdom, with a castle in the middle, and citizens living as servants to their sovereign king.  Imagine your King making an appearance once a week to verbally address his kingdom from the castle’s third-floor balcony.  Remember, whatever the King says is law for his kingdom and life for his citizens.  All would listen intently!

Likewise, the Doctrine of Revelation is all about God revealing Himself, His character, and His purposes through the way in which He speaks to all people. Continue reading

Storyline #1 – Genesis 1 – The Secret God Kept For Thousands of Years

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If I wanted you to know more about me, I’d take you to my home. Not my house here, but I would take you to my old home in Tuscaloosa. I’d show you my house, where I used to shoot basketball for hours and hours during the summer. I’d show you my room where I played video games with friends all night long. Taking you to my home, my church, and my school where I grew up would give you a better understanding of why I am the way that I am. Moses is doing the exact same thing with the Israelites in Genesis. Genesis was written during the Exodus as God is revealing who He is as the Creator-Covenant God and who they are as His people. Continue reading