GamePlan: MISSIONAL Living to Your Community (Philippians 2:12-16)

GamePlan – 13 – Missional Community – Philippians 2 (sermon)

This sermon was designed to challenge students to live missionally to their community.

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Bringing THE CHURCH Back 2 Life: The Church at Thessalonica

Free resources for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, and teens:
8 – The Church B2L – 1 Thessalonians (audio).mp3
8 – The Church B2L – 1 Thessalonians (handout).pdf
8 – The Church B2L – 1 Thessalonians (ppt).ppt
8 – The Church B2L – Thessalonica (notes).doc
8 – The Church B2L – Thessalonica (service order).doc
8 – The Church B2L – 1 Thessalonians (small groups).doc
Its time to finish up those Christmas wish lists! We know how to take advantage of those for sure. We know how to ask for the biggest and best gifts possible…within the budget. Sometimes I feel like we treat God like a middle-class God and underestimate His power by the lack of what we ask for! As Christians, our prayers lives struggle, and the struggle is real. Christians throughout all generations have struggled with prayer in one way or another. 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13 is one of the Bible’s most shocking prayer passages for me. I did not expect it to teach me so much on how to pray for the church for real life change! Check out this study, and be amazed by this passage. It definitely has a real interesting twist in it.

The Mission of THE CHURCH (Acts 20:17-24)

Free downloads for youth pastors, small group leaders, etc:
5 – The Church – The Mission (mp3).mp3
5 – The Church – The Mission (notes).doc
5 – The Church – The Mission (small groups).doc
There is a huge difference in the today’s understanding of missions and the Bible’s description of being missional. We normally think of missions today as a trip, an offering, a budget, and an option. Check out this study to see how the Bible describes what it means to be missional, the differences, and the attitude!

CBSM DNOW Weekend 2011: November 11-13 (Starting Friday at 10pm)

Now starting Friday at 10pm due to the Bob Jones vs. Hoover game in town. DNOW stands for Disciple Now. CBSM sets aside this weekend every year for a more focused and intensive weekend on discipleship more than ever. Our discipleship is most specifically becoming more like and following Jesus. In order to achieve this, we’ll have 3 CBSM-style worship services, students staying together in homes as small groups, students doing service projects together, and a Q&A at the end of the weekend to make sure we drive the topic home. What’s the topic? COMMUNITY! We want our students to understand the biblical importance of gospel-communities in their lives. We’ll explain more what I mean over the weekend. But basically, we want enhance our small group ministry experience to the ultimate, maximum capacity! You will love our guest speaker and worship band coming in just for this weekend! Cost is $30 each.

Forms, Schedule, and What to Bring (below):
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CBSM Website Blurbs

Andrew is working on a brand spanking new website for CBSM and asked me to write up a few quick blurbs about our ministry.  Here’s what we came up with…

Storyline:  Our every Wednesday worship service is the time where we are coaching our students toward Christ.  Through epic videos, crazy games, awesome worship, and life-changing preaching: we are constantly pointing to Him.  So, if you’re looking for real worship that takes a real look at God’s Word, come check out some Storyline.

Framework: Our every Sunday morning small groups is the time where we are growing our students in community.  Through tight friendships and interesting discussions: our students are growing closer to Christ and each other.  So, if you’re looking for relationships that really grow together spiritually, come check out some Framework.

Ministry: Our every Sunday night student ministry teams is the time where we are commissioning our students to serve.  Through using their different God-given gifts, talents, and abilities to serve Christ, their church, and the community: our students making a huge difference by just doing what they are good at.  So, if you’re looking for real purpose that takes your life seriously, come check out some CBSM SMTs (Student Ministry Teams).

Bio: Chip has been the pastor of student ministries here at Capshaw Baptist Church since November 2007.  He grew up in Alabama (Tuscaloosa to be exact), so he’s pumped to be in an area where he gets the people and they get him.  He graduated from Baptist Bible College in PA with a youth ministry degree in 2001, and he graduated from Southern Seminary in KY with a masters of divinity degree in 2006.  Knowing Chip is really simple, he’s just super passionate about teaching teenagers the gospel and glory of Jesus Christ in all of life.

Book Study: “The Grace and Truth Paradox” (chapters 3 & 4)

grace-and-truth-paradoxFree files for youth pastors:

The Grace and Truth Paradox: Chapters 3 and 4

I don’t want my students to be either a bunch of theoogical egg-heads or a group of jerks walking around and debating theology.  I so desire them to be like Christ.  I want them to be full of grace and truth just like Jesus is (John 1:14).  I want my students to be able to love a Mormon, to give to an Atheist, to help a Muslim, etc.  At the same time, I want my students to defend the truths of Scripture, the proclaim the gospel, and to be willing to die for Christ.  I pray for them to be full of grace and truth like Jesus.  Continue reading

Storyline #11 – Exodus 1 – “Enslaved: Our need for coaching, community, and commission”

Files for student pastors:

11 – Exodus 1 – Slavery (ppt)

11 – Exodus 1 – Slavery (mp3)

11 – Exodus 1 – Slavery (Scripture Notes)

How many of y’all out there had the pleasure of having hamsters for pets when you were growing up? I see that show of hands. I remember loving to watch those little fur balls run around their cage, exercise in their wheel, and maneuver through all their tubes. I always dreamed of having a play-land that cool! Actually, I finally found something very similar to a hamster cage for adults…The St. Louis City Museum is amazing! But that’s beside the point. From what I remember, we had to get rid of our hamsters because we just couldn’t control them as they were popping new little hamster babies out at the rate of a salad shooter. If we didn’t act fast enough, they’d take over our home and eventually the world! Okay, that was a tad extreme. Continue reading