Matt Townsend on “Youth Pastor to Church Planter”

I have had several of my youth pastor friends transition to church planting. I know of more who are very interested. Church planting is not only a huge move of the Holy Spirit today, it is also a huge fad in church culture. I asked my good friend, Matt Townsend to write briefly on how to think through the transition from youth ministry to church planting. Matt is a youth pastor gone church planter now in Philadelphia with a healthy, vibrant, and growing church plant. I respect Matt greatly as a pastor, and I’m always amazed to hear his wisdom as he thinks through tough issues. So here is what Matt has to say to youth pastors who are thinking about planting churches:

Church planting is the “extreme sports” of church life. It’s hard, really hard. Yet, so many people want to do it. So before you take the plunge, I want to talk to you about my experience and transition from youth ministry into church planting.

Jesus saved me at 15, called me into ministry at 16 and called me to plant churches when I was 20. What I didn’t know was the how or when of church planting. Do you just move into a neighborhood, start knocking on doors like a JW and say, “Hey, um, I starting a church in my basement, wanna come?” You’d probably end up doing prison ministry from the inside that way. So I waited.

I did youth ministry at First Baptist in Ohio for 5 years. During that time, God would remind me of His calling on my life. In 2007, I attended a Straight Up Ministry Conference at Harvest Bible Chapel. This is where I discovered the how. Continue reading

Jacob Fowler’s Church Planting Blog

This is the blog of former CBSM student, intern, guest preacher, etc: Jacob Fowler. God has called him to Chicago for an intense church planting internship. We CBSM’ers absolutely love church planting, and pray for many more of our students to get involved somehow someday. I think this is a very real, raw, and genuine post written by Jacob. Read it prayerfully for him, for Mosaic Church Chicago, and for the gospel to be planted in great power there!

Jacob Fowler

1.  Church planting is hard.  No really, if you have never done it before, I want you to take all the romantic ideas that you have about Church planting in you head and throw them out.  The great thing about it though, is that through difficulty beauty can still exist and lives are still transformed.

2.  Prayer is 100x’s more important than you think it is.  Before moving I knew that prayer was important, I mean I prayed… a little.  However, now I can see that there is no greater endeavor that a Church planter can embark on than to pray.  If we are ever going to see a true Church Planting Movement in America, we are first going to have to see a movement of pray among American Christians.  Simply ask yourself, do you weep over your city?  How could you ever expect to see something change that you…

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What This Church Is All About (by Munoz and Mize)

David Munoz wrote this rap while on a mission trip that was focused on church planting. He wrote it on what his church plant one day would be all about. This is literally one of the best raps I’ve ever read in my enter life. Move over Lecrae, Tedashi, Trip Lee, KB, and Flame. David Munoz is on the scene. Keith Mize is also featured here. Jason Cunningham is skiddle-dee-dooing some riffs on the electric. And Michael Harris is our bobble head in the bottom right corner. Check it out, and get a taste of what’s going down on Wednesday nights at CBSM. We are so Jesus chill! I could not be more impressed with everything that God is doing in the lives of these students, all that they are learning, how they are growing, and how they are centering it all on Jesus! Here are the lyrics to David’s sick rhyme.

This church is all about Jesus
and the way He was killed
the way He rose from the grave
bein’ so Spirit filled
Then ascended into heaven
leavin’ us to do His will
so now we’re singin’ at the Crossroads
bein’ so Jesus-chill

(Verse 1)
At first we might not have all the lights
but just like Angry Birds
you know we gonna be real tight
we might be unlike everybody else alone
witnessin’ on the the Vegas strip
without our cell phones
No distractions! We know the code
it’s not about the salary
it’s all about reality
cause Jesus is LORD
preachin’ the story, praisin’ raisin’ our hands up
and celebrating the Messisah because Jesus is enough Continue reading

CBSM on Church Planting and Missions

Free mp3 download for youth pastors and small group leaders:
Jody Fox – Church Planting and Missions (mp3)

Our church had its 2nd annual “Global Impact Celebration” Missions Conference. It was a 5 day conference featuring around 30 missionaries from all over America and from all around the world. The missionaries that CBSM had adopted for the week were my personal friends, Jody and Sarah Fox. They are missionaries to one of the poorest countries in Africa. They have literally just sold all of their belongings, and letting their 3 little girls stay with their grandparents for 2 weeks…since they may not see their grandparents for the next few years. In this mp3, Jody shares with us his biblical passion for church planting and missions, explains it, and challenges us all to play a part in this gospel-redemption plan of God for the glory of Christ among the nations.

Jody’s sermon notes: Jody on Church Planting (doc)

CBSM @ GIC Missions Conference

As Capshaw Baptist is holding our 2nd annual “Global Impact Celebration” Missions Conference this week till Sunday, I wanted to update you on everything that CBSM will be doing from now until then.

Wednesday Night: March 2nd
CBSM will be meeting with the rest of the church in our gymnasium area for a ton of free food from 5:00 – 6:00pm. If you’re bringing your family, then bring some food to contribute! Then at 6:30pm, we’ll all meet and sit together in the main auditorium of the church for the epic opening event of this GIC Conference. You will experience an awesome light show, aired-up globes bouncing around the room, unbelievable excitement, African drum performance, around 30 missionaries from all over the planet and our nation, passionate worship, and a challenging message from one of the premier speakers on missions and the gospel. This will last until 8:00pm. We want all of our CBSM students here! Continue reading

cbsm and the challenge of church planting

Over our church’s mission conference called “GIC: Global Impact Celebration”, CBSM had in guest speaker, Chuck Rheam, who is an awesome church planter in San Diego, CA.  As our students are challenged to be involved in missions, we don’t want them to forget the incredible missions opportunities going on all over our nation: church planting.  Listen to Pastor Chuck for a strong challenge to be involved in church planting in some way, shape, form, or fashion.  And for an extra added bonus, something we never get to do, our CBSM praise band plays too songs at the end of the mp3…acoustic style.

Chuck Rheam on Church Planting (mp3)

on CBSM Making an Impact…Globally

Chuck Rheam (church planter out of San Diego, CA with Centerpoint Church) was CBSM’s guest speaker during our church’s GIC: Global Impact Celebration conference on missions.  He whipped up a powerful sermon for our students on Saturday night of the conference.  Check it out here if you weren’t able to listen.  He basically preached on: “Do you have what it takes to be a missionary.”  Listen to find out what it takes, and how to grow in it.

Chuck Rheam Sat Night (mp3)