KTL 2009 #3: Teaching Teens to Preach Christ – How to Preach Christ in Every Sermon

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03 – KTL – How To Preach Christ in Every Sermon (mp3)

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The Christocentric hermeneutic continues! Remember that Christocentric means “Christ-centered” and hermeneutic means “view or interpretation of Scripture.” This lesson is extremely important on how to preach Christ in every sermon and from every Biblical text. I believe these are the keys to a truly powerful sermon that changes lives! Continue reading

KTL 2009 #2: Teaching Teens to Preach Christ – The Purpose of Preaching


Free files for youth pastors:

02 – KTL – The Purpose of Preaching (mp3)

When it comes to teaching teens how to preach and teach the Word, they have to first understand the whole goal of the Word. So many people feel like they can’t possibly remember every sermon they hear from week to week at church. Others think that sermons are just different topics of self-help every week from their pastor as a counselor. So, we must first of all focus students onto the focus of the Word: the glory of Christ. Continue reading