CBSM: Stay Christ-Centered

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This was my last sermon at CBSM and youth pastor. Actually, this passage (Luke 24) was also the first passage I ever preached as youth pastor at CBSM…almost 6 years ago. We started with on a Christ-centered study through the whole Bible together, and praise God that He allowed us to finish it together. After a lot of prayer, God allowed us to complete our time together in CBSM with these important bookends – seeing all life as Christ-centered. Serving as youth pastor in CBSM has been the best 6 years of my life. I could not be more thankful for my time with those amazing people. They quickly became my life, family, friends, and church. You will all be missed so so so much!

CBSM’s Back 2 School Bash:Wednesday, August 28th

CBSM’s Back 2 School Bash is Wednesday, August 28th from 4:30-9:00pm. It is for all of the high schoolers and middle schoolers in the 256 and all their friends.

From 4:30-6:30pm we’ll be going crazy with stuff like dodge ball, climbing mountain, bouncy boxing, bungee trampoline, obstacle course, and the whizzer. We’ll also be serving up free food like hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, drinks, popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy.

From 6:30-7:30pm we’ll throw a quick worship service with some rockin music by our band, and a quick message from God’s Word. We’ll end that up with $600 in give-a-way prizes!

Then from 7:30-9:00pm we’ll open up the huge water slide, with the inflatables, and more food.

If you’re in middle school or high school, you are your friends are invited out to party hard with us for Jesus. Boom.

CBSM Small Group Upgrade Sunday: August 18th

upgrade Sunday
CBSM Upgrade Sunday Tomorrow!
All students will be moving up into a new Small Group.
Free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for all teens who come.
Small Group start up at 9:00am in the CBSM Student Building.
All 6th-12th graders and their friends invited.

CBSM White Water Rafting Trip

White Water Rafting 2013
CBSM White Water Rafting Trip
What: Rafting the Full River!
Where: Ocoee River Benton, TN (right outside of Cleveland)
When: August 10th (leave 6am, return 7pm)
Cost: $80 per person. Lunch is included
Age: Must be 12 or older. Families are welcome to join us.
Transportation: We will carpool there. Help us with transportation!
Chaperones: There will be a Capshaw adult per 6-7 CBSM teens.
Guides: There will be an adult trained guide per raft.
Why: Because Jesus wants to be adventurous, fun, and enjoy exhilarating stuff!
***Must have money check made out to Capshaw turned in by July 5th to hold your reservation
2013 Medical Release Form.pdf

The End: What will the Final Judgment be like? (Revelation 20:7-15)

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What will the Final Judgment be like? Everyone reading this has a different view from each other. Some people think that our good works will be weighed and the outcome will be where we spend eternity. Some people think we won’t be ultimately judged because an all loving God will allow everyone into heaven. But we must have a biblical view of the final judgment. What if I told you that the judgment for believers and unbelievers will be very different? What if I told you that unbelievers won’t be judged for their good works, and believers won’t be judged for their wrong doings? What if I told you the final judgment didn’t determine where people spent eternity, but it had a different purpose? Check this study out and share your thoughts with us.

The CBSM Praise Band

I could not be more thankful for our student-led CBSM praise band and media team. Our Capshaw media guru, Jeremy Coburn, created this video, so I just had to show them off. Jackson Beasley does an incredible job leading. These students love Jesus, serve humbly, and they’re incredibly talented. Enjoy this acoustic song “You Never Let Go.”

CBSM One Day Food Drive

food drive poster
CBSM, here’s your reminder of our One Day Food Drive tomorrow: Sunday, May 5th. We are running this Food Drive for our church’s mission trip to KY. The part of Ky they are going to does not have much food. Many are starving or malnourished. Also, that area of KY is very malnourished spiritually. They need to hear the gospel. Jesus loved to feed people and then share the gospel with them. Think about Him feeding the 5000, feeding the 4000, etc. He showed them that He is where they will be taken care of eternally! Continue reading

You Asked For It: CBSM Summer Series

CBSM, since we’re finishing up our 5+ year long series through the Bible, this summer we want you to come up with the sermon topics. What would you like to hear about? What questions do you have? What have you always wondered about? What do you want to hear discussed? We’ll pick up the 9 most requested topics. Have all your answers in by Wednesday, May 22. I want you to email, tweet, text, or Facebook me your suggestions. Here are a few topics to help you brainstorm (pick one of these or email in your own):

– How can I best study the Bible daily?
– What is the best way to pray?
– What does a Christian need to know about homosexuality?
– What kind of music should I be listening to?
– What is the best way to witness to my friends?
– How do I know God’s will for my life?
– How do I know for sure if I’m saved?
– Should I forgive someone who really hurt me?
– What does God think about me after I’ve really messed up?
– How am I supposed to know who God wants me to date and marry?
– How am I supposed to know what I need to do with my life?
– How do I keep my friends but witness to them at the same time?
Those are just some sample questions. Feel free to request those or absolutely anything else. Again, we’ll pick up to the 9 most popular questions. You can text, tweet, facebook message, email, or walk up and tell me your suggestions!

Graduate Recognition Sunday: May 12th

Graduate Recognition Sunday

Capshaw Graduation Recognition Sunday is on May 12th. Here’s the plan:

9:00am in the CBSM Student Building
Graduates and their parents invited.
A delicious buffet-style breakfast.
CBSM Senior Slideshow Video.
Small Group Leaders will honor graduates.
Main Speaker: Curt Mize addresses graduates.
Pastor Chip will conclude the breakfast.

10:30am in the Capshaw Auditorium.
Graduates will be recognized near the end of the service.
Their personal bios and future plans will be announced.
Each graduate will be personally recognized for achievements.
A special gift from CBSM will be given to each graduate.

We can’t wait to recognize these graduates for their achievements!

CBSM All-Nighter for High School Only: April 19-20

Our registration for this event is full, so the CBSM All-Nighter is sold-out!!! If you have already registered and you’re on the list, show up to the CBSM Student Building tonight at 7pm. There is no need to come earlier. Make sure you’re paid up and have turned in your medical release form as well. Bring some snack money, a jacket for the ice skating, and rested up to stay up all night!
CBSM High Schoolers, get your registration forms and $40 turned in by Wednesday, April 10th.
All 9th – 12th graders invited. We need at least 100 to go. Get those friends on board…bus!
A-Game Sports Plex Site:
Registration Form: allnighterHS2013(fillout).pdf
Medical Release form for 2013 Events (every student):2013 Medical Release Form.pdf
Don’t forget your snack money for the concession stand!

Schedule: Continue reading