iTunes “CBSM Podcasts”

We have a new faithful techy podcast uploader dude (that is his official title), Nathan Newcomb!  Nathan is one of the college students in our ministry who knows more about computers, technology, and web-hosting (is that even what it’s called) now than I ever will!  But the coolest thing about Nathan is that he loves Christ, he loves his church, and he loves to use his gifts and abilities to serve. 

So all you gotta do is type into your iTunes Store search bar “CBSM Podcasts” and you will be able to subscribe and keep up with everything we’re doing and teaching.  Nathan is doing phenomenal job each week to keep the sermons and series current and able to download. 

He is also setting us up this week to where the recordings will come from the computer and not from my dinky little handheld digital recorder.  This means the quality should be much better and that annoying echo in the background that gives you a headache…it should be gone.  So check us out at CBSM Podcasts on iTunes.  We’d love for to keep up and grow in Christ with us through all of the Scriptures!  Right now, its caught up from November 2007 – January 2009 (Deuteronomy series).