CBSM: All-Nigher 09


All-Nighter Downloads:

Mandatory CBSM Release Form for Every Student

Required FPS Release Form for Every Student

Go to youtube and search “cbsmmedia”.  Watch all our All-Nigher promo videos.  Hilarious!!

CBSM loves to get crunkin crazy at all of our events.  This will be our first annual all-nigher.  THIS IS NOT A LOCK-IN!  Lock-Ins are about the most boring thing in the world to me.  All-nighters are totally different.  At a lock-in you play the same silly stuff all night, and by the end you’re in a coma and just staring at the drool dribbling down each others chins from extreme boredom and exhaustion.  At an all-nighter…you never stop!  In the plans are tons of awesome stuff like: a passionate worship service, intense paintball and airsoft battles, competitive bowling, and then some chilled out mini golf.  We’re also pimpin around town in chater buses from event to event!  We have about 100 students coming, we have several parents who are helping to serve, and its just going to be amazing.   Here’s our schedule breaks down: Continue reading