San Diego, CA Mission Trip Day #6

Thursday was considered as one of the best day of our lives for many of us.  After going to the Powerplant Conference sessions on church planting, Thursday was going to be a strategy project to bring it all together.  Since we knew the conference speakers well, I passed it by them and decided to do our own optional church planting strategy project at our hotel.  So we slept a little later than normal, we ate a little breakfast, and about 10 of our students decided to take on this project as a challenge.  I briefly walked them through my understanding of church planting, and then explained their project.  By the way, the rest either just slept in or took the morning easy.  The project was to define a biblical local church, identify who is truly a part of a local church, explain the purpose of their proposed church to plant, develop a mission statement for their church plant, and design a strategy for their proposed church plant.  Their strategy was to include in what city their church would be, where their church would meet for worship, who would be the leaders of the church, who else would be on their planting team, what ministries would be within their church, what their church would be like culturally, etc.  I was impressed.  They did a great job working in teams of 3 to complete this project.  I would so be a member in their churches. Continue reading