CBSM White Water Rafting Trip

White Water Rafting 2013
CBSM White Water Rafting Trip
What: Rafting the Full River!
Where: Ocoee River Benton, TN (right outside of Cleveland)
When: August 10th (leave 6am, return 7pm)
Cost: $80 per person. Lunch is included
Age: Must be 12 or older. Families are welcome to join us.
Transportation: We will carpool there. Help us with transportation!
Chaperones: There will be a Capshaw adult per 6-7 CBSM teens.
Guides: There will be an adult trained guide per raft.
Why: Because Jesus wants to be adventurous, fun, and enjoy exhilarating stuff!
***Must have money check made out to Capshaw turned in by July 5th to hold your reservation
2013 Medical Release Form.pdf

You Asked For It: CBSM Summer Series

CBSM, since we’re finishing up our 5+ year long series through the Bible, this summer we want you to come up with the sermon topics. What would you like to hear about? What questions do you have? What have you always wondered about? What do you want to hear discussed? We’ll pick up the 9 most requested topics. Have all your answers in by Wednesday, May 22. I want you to email, tweet, text, or Facebook me your suggestions. Here are a few topics to help you brainstorm (pick one of these or email in your own):

– How can I best study the Bible daily?
– What is the best way to pray?
– What does a Christian need to know about homosexuality?
– What kind of music should I be listening to?
– What is the best way to witness to my friends?
– How do I know God’s will for my life?
– How do I know for sure if I’m saved?
– Should I forgive someone who really hurt me?
– What does God think about me after I’ve really messed up?
– How am I supposed to know who God wants me to date and marry?
– How am I supposed to know what I need to do with my life?
– How do I keep my friends but witness to them at the same time?
Those are just some sample questions. Feel free to request those or absolutely anything else. Again, we’ll pick up to the 9 most popular questions. You can text, tweet, facebook message, email, or walk up and tell me your suggestions!

CBSM’s 2012 Graduating Senior Class

CBSM’s 2012 senior class’s presence will be missed as well as their absence will be felt. God has used them in incredible ways to be leaders for the rest of our students in worship, relationships, serving, missions, events, etc. I literally can’t believe they’re leaving us, but I’m so excited about their futures for Jesus! They are entering into the world with an understanding of the gospel, faith in Christ, and a passion to live for Him. Watch out world!
CBSM Seniors Bios.doc
Senior Sunday Recognition Letter.pdf

CBSM Small Groups: The Apostle #10 – Discussion Questions

CBSM Small Group Leaders:
Here are your discussion questions for a successful small group session with your students for this Sunday!
The Apostle Small Group Outline 10 – Fear.doc
The Apostle Small Group Questions 10 – Fear.doc
You can listen to the sermon again at

CBSM’s Back To School Bash Video

If you’ve read our two earlier posts on our Middle School Only and High School Only “Back 2 School Bash” events, then you know what’s up! We love to throw a huge party for all the teens in our surrounding community. We don’t publicize it except for word of mouth by our students. God has used our students so greatly over the last few years, that we’ve had to go to 2 B2SB events as Middle School Only and High School Only. So here you go, here’s our event video of what all happened at our CBSM B2SB! Oh and by the way, FLAME will be coming to Capshaw Baptist on Wednesday, October 5!

T.Y. Video and Teen Testimonies: CBSM Advance Mission Trip to San Diego, CA

Its been 2 months now since we’ve gotten back from San Diego…when we were out there ministering with CenterPointe Church. I have a few more resources I thought yall would enjoy checking out. Here is the mp3 of our student testimonies from those who went on the mission trip, below that is the video that CenterPointe Church made for us as a thank you, and below that is an email by Pastor Chuck out at CenterPointe to let us know what all God is doing there since our trip. Please continue to pray for Pastor Chuck Rheam and CenterPointe Church as they are reaching the masses with the gospel of Christ! ADVANCE 2010 Student Testimonies (mp3)

As far as our church services, things have been wonderful.  I’ll start with the most recent.  Yesterday our attendance was down a bit.  We only had 120 in services.  The exciting part is, we still had two guests visiting for the first time.  I am thrilled to tell you that one of the guests received Christ as her Savior.  By the way, one of the families visiting was from the VBS.  We are still reaping the harvest from the work you accomplished a couple of months ago.

Overall, here’s how things breakdown. Continue reading