CBSM: Stay Christ-Centered

Free resources for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, teens, etc:
3 – CBSM – Christ Centered (netma).pdf
3 – CBSM – Christ Centered (handout).pdf
3 – CBSM – Christ Centered (ppt).ppt
3 – CBSM – Christ Centered (notes).pdf
3 – CBSM – Christ Centered (service flow).pdf
3 – CBSM – Stay Christ Centered (small groups).pdf
This was my last sermon at CBSM and youth pastor. Actually, this passage (Luke 24) was also the first passage I ever preached as youth pastor at CBSM…almost 6 years ago. We started with on a Christ-centered study through the whole Bible together, and praise God that He allowed us to finish it together. After a lot of prayer, God allowed us to complete our time together in CBSM with these important bookends – seeing all life as Christ-centered. Serving as youth pastor in CBSM has been the best 6 years of my life. I could not be more thankful for my time with those amazing people. They quickly became my life, family, friends, and church. You will all be missed so so so much!

Graduate Recognition Sunday: May 12th

Graduate Recognition Sunday

Capshaw Graduation Recognition Sunday is on May 12th. Here’s the plan:

9:00am in the CBSM Student Building
Graduates and their parents invited.
A delicious buffet-style breakfast.
CBSM Senior Slideshow Video.
Small Group Leaders will honor graduates.
Main Speaker: Curt Mize addresses graduates.
Pastor Chip will conclude the breakfast.

10:30am in the Capshaw Auditorium.
Graduates will be recognized near the end of the service.
Their personal bios and future plans will be announced.
Each graduate will be personally recognized for achievements.
A special gift from CBSM will be given to each graduate.

We can’t wait to recognize these graduates for their achievements!

CBSM Stuff on Sex

Sex Talk Title

Here is some CBSM stuff on sex for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, and teens for Valentines Day or the month of February.

Numbers 25 “Israelites Gone Wild: Sex, Cheaters, and The Purity of Christ”

10 Steps for Students from Godly Attraction, to a Godly Relationship, to a Godly Marriage

Song of Solomon “Sex Talk: What Ever Teenager Wants To Hear”

Real Talk on Sexual Purity: From a CBSM Teen’s Video Blog

CBSM Q&A Clip: Is Homosexuality Really Wrong?

Bringing THE CHURCH Back 2 Life: The Church at Corinth

One Hit Wonders: What Is Love? (Book of Hosea)

Storyline #60: 1 Kings 17-22 “gods vs. God: time to put up or shut up”

CBSM Super Bowl Parties 2013

CBSM is throwing the best Super Bowl Parties in town, yall!

6th-8th Grade Guys and Girls: Olan and Angie Phillips’ House
9th-10th Grade Guys and Girls: Ben and Michelle Goode’s Home
11th-12th Grade Guys and Girls: Kevin and Yolanda Duke’s Home

Make sure and check with your small group leader or friend on what you can bring.
Make sure to check with your small group leader or friend on what time.
We will give out the address and info Sunday morning at 9am during CBSM small groups.
We want these to be the best parties in town, so come ready to have fun!
Make sure to respect the home you’re in, though! Be courteous while you party!

10 Steps for Students from Godly Attraction, to a Godly Relationship, to a Godly Marriage

1. Attraction: Be attracted to godly opposite sex only. The best way to be more attracted to a godly person of the opposite sex is to love Jesus more. The more you grow in your love for Christ, the more you will want to worship, serve, and obey Him. The more you want to worship, serve, and obey Christ…the more you will want to be with someone who shares your love for Him. Don’t waste your time with those who don’t love Christ, who don’t love the church, and who don’t love His Word.

2. Ask Out: Guys, ask the girl out. Ladies, don’t be the one who asks the guys out. You can make yourself available to him by simply saying, “If you asked me out, I’d say YES!” If the guy you like doesn’t ask you out, then he either doesn’t like you enough to ask you out, or he isn’t man enough to have you. Guys, ask the girls out from the beginning to establish your spiritual leadership from the get go.

3. Move Slow: It is straight up scary to watch how fast teenagers today get into exclusive relationships. It can be as easy as…I like you. I like you too. Want to be my girlfriend? Sure, thought you’d never ask! Yeah, that’s totally ridiculous. Relationships aren’t about dating, but relationships are about marriage. Start thinking through if you really want to be with this person. Pray through it a lot. Ask God what He wants you to do. Trust Him that He’ll work it out in His time. Get into relationships slowly, prayerfully, and thoughtfully!   Continue reading

CBSM’s Back 2 School Bash – Wednesday, August 29th 4:30-9:30pm

CBSM’s Back 2 School Bash is coming up! Here’s the info:
When: Wednesday, August 29th. 4:30 – 9:30pm
Price: Free
Who’s Invited: All 6th – 12th Graders
Purpose: To serve all the teens in our community with some serious fun.
What to do: Invite every teenage friend you possible know.

4:30-6:30 Game Time: Bungee Trampoline, Bouncing Boxing Ring, Video Game Theater, Laser Tag, Human-Hamster Ball Races, and Cookout
6:30-8:00 Service Time: CBSM Rockin Worship Band, Life-Changing Message, and Prize Give Way ($300 Grand Prize gift card, $200 in other prizes)
8:00-9:30 Hang Time: S’mores, Bonfire, Huge Water Slide, Volleyball, Bouncing Boxing Ring, etc.

Back 2 School Bash video from last year:

CBSM Beach Camp for Middle School: June 4 – 9, 2012

Important Downloads for Beach Camp Parents and Students:
Important Letter with Info You Need To Know: CBSM Beach Trip Students and Parents.doc
Beach Camp fillout2012.pdf
CBSM Medical Release Form 2012.doc
Beach Camp Campers Checklist.doc
Beach Camp Parents Meeting: Sunday, May 20 at 8pm (after worship service)

Total Cost: $300
Non-Refundable Deposit of $125 due: Sunday, March 25
Remaining Payment of $175 due: Sunday, May 27

CBSM Middle Schoolers (6th – 8th graders), we are taking you to the the BEACH this summer! That’s right, we have reserved half a a huge beach retreat center just for us. It has a pool, sand volleyball, basketball, bunk beds, etc ready for us! What will we be doing? I’m so glad you asked! In the mornings, we’ll be reaching out to the community and sharing Jesus with all the kids around. In the afternoons, we’ll be hitting up the beach and pool. In the evenings, we’ll be worshiping Jesus and learning more about how to be missionaries with His gospel. This will be our 3rd year to do this Beach Camp, and I can guarantee you it is life-changing, ridiculous fun, and you’ll never want to leave. The cost will be around $300. Go ahead and get the date reserved on your calendar, and we’ll get you more info on it real soon!

CBSM San Diego Mission Trip for High School: July 6 – 13, 2012

Important Downloads for CBSM’s Advance Mission Trippers:
ADVANCE 2012 fillout.pdf
ADVANCE Application.doc
CBSM Medical Release Form 2012.doc

CBSM High Schoolers (9th – 12th grades) will be hitting up San Diego, CA for a seriously awesome mission trip. For the past few years, we’ve gone to San Diego to team up with Pastor Chuck Rheam and CenterPointe Church. They are a church plant right around 5 years old. We get to go in, do a VBS (Vacation Bible School) for all the kids in their community, share Jesus with them, and then just watch God do huge things in their lives. The trip will cost around $750 (including airfare and everything). So make sure to get this date reserved on your summer calendar, CBSM High School. We’d love to have you go with us. We’ll get you more information real soon!

CBSM Super Bowl Parties: Sunday, February 5

On Sunday, February 5, 2012 our Super Bowl Parties will be put together by all of our small groups. So make sure you either talk to one of our CBSM Small Group Leaders, to one of our CBSM students involved in our small groups, or feel free to contact me to find out where all the different parties will be at. We want all of our students to attend and bring a friend. If you’re a guest or visitor that’s been coming to CBSM, we definitely want you to be a part of it all!

And by the way, the middle School and high School small group that has the most in attendance at their party will get a free Krispy Kreme doughnut breakfast with chocolate milk, Milo’s sweat tea, and coffee in their small group the Sunday following the Super Bowl.

2012 SMT’s: Student Ministry Teams of CBSM

Our SMT’s are teams that CBSM students join in order to do ministry on a weekly basis. We strongly believe in spiritual giftedness, serving, and ministering through the church and for the glory of Jesus! We believe that God has given every teenager gifts, talents, and abilities that they are naturally good at. Through salvation, God redeems those gifts, talents, and abilities to for the use of His kingdom (Eph 4:1-11). We believe that every teenager should be using their giftedness specifically through the church (Eph 4:12). Lastly, we believe that every gift, talent, and ability should be used fully for the glory of Jesus (Eph 4:13-16). We want our teens to be bored if they aren’t serving Jesus in some specific way that reflects their giftedness. Lastly, We want our teens to understand that our ministry will not be as excellent, fruitfull, smooth, or cool without them using their giftedness for Jesus through CBSM.

Every semester we go over “how to discern their spiritual giftedness” with our students, and we announce all the different teams that they would get to serve on. They pick their teams, make their commitment to serve, and get on board for the rest of the semester.

Here are the 2 documents of our SMT’s for both Middle and High School
Middle School SMT Line-Up: SMT Spring 2012 MS Breakdown.doc
High School SMT Line-Up: SMT Spring 2012 HS Breakdown.doc