10 Steps for Students from Godly Attraction, to a Godly Relationship, to a Godly Marriage

1. Attraction: Be attracted to godly opposite sex only. The best way to be more attracted to a godly person of the opposite sex is to love Jesus more. The more you grow in your love for Christ, the more you will want to worship, serve, and obey Him. The more you want to worship, serve, and obey Christ…the more you will want to be with someone who shares your love for Him. Don’t waste your time with those who don’t love Christ, who don’t love the church, and who don’t love His Word.

2. Ask Out: Guys, ask the girl out. Ladies, don’t be the one who asks the guys out. You can make yourself available to him by simply saying, “If you asked me out, I’d say YES!” If the guy you like doesn’t ask you out, then he either doesn’t like you enough to ask you out, or he isn’t man enough to have you. Guys, ask the girls out from the beginning to establish your spiritual leadership from the get go.

3. Move Slow: It is straight up scary to watch how fast teenagers today get into exclusive relationships. It can be as easy as…I like you. I like you too. Want to be my girlfriend? Sure, thought you’d never ask! Yeah, that’s totally ridiculous. Relationships aren’t about dating, but relationships are about marriage. Start thinking through if you really want to be with this person. Pray through it a lot. Ask God what He wants you to do. Trust Him that He’ll work it out in His time. Get into relationships slowly, prayerfully, and thoughtfully!   Continue reading

David Nasser Speaks Tonight at Capshaw!

CBSM, David Nasser is a world renowned speaker. He grew up as a Muslim and ended up giving His life to Jesus! You have absolutely got to come hear this guy preach the gospel, hammer down on our missional lives, and His love for Jesus. This is the night of our GIC Missions Conference where you want to bring all your friends…saved and lost! Here a few videos to get you pumped up for tonight.

View more videos below. Continue reading

CBSM @ GIC Missions Conference

As Capshaw Baptist is holding our 2nd annual “Global Impact Celebration” Missions Conference this week till Sunday, I wanted to update you on everything that CBSM will be doing from now until then.

Wednesday Night: March 2nd
CBSM will be meeting with the rest of the church in our gymnasium area for a ton of free food from 5:00 – 6:00pm. If you’re bringing your family, then bring some food to contribute! Then at 6:30pm, we’ll all meet and sit together in the main auditorium of the church for the epic opening event of this GIC Conference. You will experience an awesome light show, aired-up globes bouncing around the room, unbelievable excitement, African drum performance, around 30 missionaries from all over the planet and our nation, passionate worship, and a challenging message from one of the premier speakers on missions and the gospel. This will last until 8:00pm. We want all of our CBSM students here! Continue reading

ELHS Graduate Baccalaureate Sermon and Service

I’m so thankful for the opportunity from ELHS to speak their Graduate Baccalaureate service this year. I was so impressed with the attention these graduates, their friends, their families, and their fans gave the Word of God being preached. Here’s what I believe God gave me to preach to a huge class of 2010 graduates. As they were going into the military, into college, and into the workforce…I wanted to make sure they knew their God (and Gospel through Jesus), their Gift (how God has gifted them to serve Him), and their Group (the kind of church God is calling them to be a part of).
ELHS Baccalaureate Service 2010 sermon (mp3)

Recap: Meeting with the Mayor on Madison Tragedy

Pastor Zach (our senior pastor) and I were invited to a morning meeting today with the mayor of Madison, the police chief, Madison city school officials, many other city officials, and pastors of the Madison and surrounding areas.  They wanted to make sure we were fully aware of what happened, what was currently happening, and what the plan is.  So after this meeting, here are a few more things I am learning to do and not do when tragedies like this strike.

1.  Make sure to get the story straight and do not speculate.  The real story they released to us was that between classes at 1:45pm, a student did shoot to kill his one targeted victim. Within seconds, the shooter was on the ground with a school official on top of him. Within seconds, a school policeman was on the scene.  Within seconds, school medical staff was with the victim.  And within moments, the entire school had their students locked safely in the classrooms and entire campus was on lockdown. Only more than an hour after that did the school dismiss their students to their parents in an orderly fashion.  We are very thankful to school and city officials for their quick reponse and the way they handled this tragedy with precision.

2.  Do not talk about, pass along, or post “hear-say”.  This tragedy does not involve gangs.  The event was neither a RACIAL or a RELIGIOUS issue.  It was between two inviduals only.  The police believe they have a motive, but they will not release it because they do not want to risk losing the case when it comes to trial in the future.  We must do everything we can to help them in that.  We do not need to post or pass along anything that we have merely heard or read that is not confirmed by the news.  We need to be very respectful to the familes and helpful to the officials by not continuing gossip, rumors, or anything that even has a possibility of being inaccurate.  If the media (national or local) confronts you, it is best not to speak or share any details seen or heard except for the fact that we hurt with the community, we are praying for the community, and we are looking forward to continuing to live in the great area of Madison, AL.  Remember that social networking like facebook and twitter make communication instant, constant, permanent, and global.  What you post will be read, often believed, affects people’s lives, and cannot be undone. 

3.  Our community and schools are safe.  They assured us that they are going to every measure possible to assure our kids, our students, and our parents that our schools and community will be safer than ever.  This is coming from the mayor, the school officials, and the Madison police.  The answer to safety is not external measures like metal detectors, but changing the culture of the schools.  Our students must feel safe to report any wrong doing they know of.  Our students must be involved in spreading the gospel of Christ which will elimnate sin as Jesus spreads His Lordship.   Continue reading

CRISIS COUNSELING: School Shooting in Madison

It has been a day filled with emotion, hurt, fear, drama, anxiety, worry, and chaos. The world of safety and security has been toppled upside-down for so many middle schoolers in the Madison, AL area. I heard from our secretary around 2pm today that the shooting had occurred at Discovery Middle. My phone started blowin-up with calls and text messages from concerned parents and students. Another youth pastor in the area called me and said he could get us into the schools (which were on lockdown) to minister to the kids. We went out there, got on campus, past the perimeter police, but then they wouldn’t let us in the doors.

We had several students from our church in the school during the time of the shooting.  A student was in the same hallway as the shooting, a student had just left the hallway right before the shooting, and several others were still in the building.  Some of our students knew the victim.  Some of our students knew the shooter.  One had lunch with him.  One had a class with him.  To say the least from this huge tragedy, our students are dealing with fear, anxiety, hurt, sadness, worry, vulnerability, doubt, and confusion.  A youth pastor’s question is always, “How do we counsel them?”  

1.  Whenever I counsel a student, I always make sure to listen.  Continue reading

B2SB: Back 2 School Bash 2009

b2sbslide092008 Back to School Bash Video:


If you’re a high schooler (9th – 12th), imagine yourself chillin at one of the coolest pools around on a hot summer day with all of your friends and meeting new ones.  We’re not talking about one of those lame kiddie pools, but we’re talking about The Sunset Swim Club in Athens with diving boards, water slide, ginormous lay-out areas, basketball court, volleyball court, etc.  If you’re a middle schooler (7th – 9th), imagine yourself romping around on the coolest inflatable games able to be found…such as: climbing mountains, slipping down water slides, stretching out on the bungee run, sticking to the fly wall, playing a little dodgeball, and getting your jump-on in the moonwalk.  Hard to imagine?  Then we dare you to add onto that a supper of barbecue, pizza, and hotdogs.  And then we’ll close off the night with a sweet all-student worship service, and a drawing for prizes at the very end.  These aren’t the cheesy prizes you find at some skee-ball arcade, but we’re talking gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants around, iTunes cards, and a “choose your own” grand prize: a Wii, an iPod touch, a flat-screen TV, a Blue-Ray player, etc.    Continue reading

KTL First Timers: Students’ First Sermons

ministry teams - ktlFree mp3’s of Student’s Sermons:

David Munoz’s sermon on Deborah and Barak (mp3)

Michael Harris’ sermon on Samson and Repentance (mp3)

KTL is our team of 11 guy students in our ministry who either believe they are called to the ministry and desire training, or they are not sure if God has called them to ministry but they desire to be trained in the meantime.  Out of the 11 guys, we had 4 (2 seniors and 2 juniors) who had the opportunity to preach through Judges in April for the entire student ministry.  The other 7 are getting their opportunity to preach to the KTL Team over the month of May.

The students I’m highlighting this week who got to preach this last Sunday evening for our KTL Team was David Munoz (freshman) and Michael Harris (8th grader). Continue reading