Canoe Trip for CBSM Middle School

CBSM Middle School is going canoeing this Thursday, July 19 at the Buffalo River in Waynesboro, TN.
Meet at the CBSM Building at 8:30am. We’ll be back around 4:30pm.
You need to make sure you’ve paid your $17.50, bring your own lunch, and turn in the medical release form.
If you’re still interested, we can take more. Bring your money this Wednesday, but you’ll need to make sure you have your own ride.
Contact Mrs. Penny Fowler for any additional questions or info.
CBSM Medical Release Form 2012.doc

CBSM Canoe Trip: Friday, July 29

CBSM Canoe Trip. Friday, July 29. Buffalo River in Waynesboro, TN
We will be canoeing with Crazy Horse Canoe Rentals.
Be at the Church by 8am (eat breakfast first). Return at 6pm.
Cost $20 (due this Wed) + any snacks on road. Bring a sack lunch in ziplocks.
Girls wear bathing suit (one piece or tankini) with shorts.
Guys wear bathing suit.
Everyone wear sandals or water shoes if you have them. No flip flops.
We need parents to go to help with transportation!
CBSM Medical Release Form 2011 (doc) Fill this out if you haven’t yet for 2011.