CBSM ADVANCE Mission Trip to San Diego

Where: San Diego, California
When: July 9 – 16
Why: To work with CenterPointe Church and Chuck Rheam by doing a VBS and other fun events for the people of that area to learn more about Jesus.
How much: $800 including deposit (we’ll lower cost if we can!)
Who: for all CBSM 10th – 12th graders
What else: Your Application is due this coming Sunday, March 6. Your $200 non-refundable deposit is due at our first meeting on Wed, March 9 after our CBSM worship service.
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T.Y. Video and Teen Testimonies: CBSM Advance Mission Trip to San Diego, CA

Its been 2 months now since we’ve gotten back from San Diego…when we were out there ministering with CenterPointe Church. I have a few more resources I thought yall would enjoy checking out. Here is the mp3 of our student testimonies from those who went on the mission trip, below that is the video that CenterPointe Church made for us as a thank you, and below that is an email by Pastor Chuck out at CenterPointe to let us know what all God is doing there since our trip. Please continue to pray for Pastor Chuck Rheam and CenterPointe Church as they are reaching the masses with the gospel of Christ! ADVANCE 2010 Student Testimonies (mp3)

As far as our church services, things have been wonderful.  I’ll start with the most recent.  Yesterday our attendance was down a bit.  We only had 120 in services.  The exciting part is, we still had two guests visiting for the first time.  I am thrilled to tell you that one of the guests received Christ as her Savior.  By the way, one of the families visiting was from the VBS.  We are still reaping the harvest from the work you accomplished a couple of months ago.

Overall, here’s how things breakdown. Continue reading

Tuesday on our ADVANCE Mission Trip in SD, CA

We got up, ate up, and got out by 10am this morning. We got out to share the word on the best church plant in the Chula Vista area of San Diego…the Centerpointe Church! So our CBSM high school students hit the streets hard for over 2 hours to just pass out tons of fliers for the church and with the gospel. We then went to the park for lunch, and a little chill time. After that, the VBS games began with about 35ish kids which meant all of our students got to disciple their own kid again. Praise God that two more kids were saved today! We made some really good connections at the park with families. It looks like around 100 new people should be visiting and checking out Centerpointe Church within the next month! We’re just praising God that He wants to use us like this for the gory of His Son in His Kingdom! Continue reading

Monday on our ADVANCE Mission Trip in SD, CA

Well, call us lazy…but we decided to have a slow morning this morning. We all slept a little late, got a good breakfast, and got out of the hotel at the crack of 10am. We took our kids to walk and climb the hills of the Cali hoods for about 2 1/2 hours. We covered somewhere between 1000 – 1500 houses between the 35 of our students passing out the promo material for the church plant (Centerpointe Church) that we’re serving this week. The church is about 3 weeks old with around 120 in attendance. So even if 1% of people respond to the promo material passed out, then that would mean somewhere around 50 families will visit the church from the 5,000 passed out. Continue reading

Sunday on our ADVANCE Mission Trip in SD, CA

We got up and out early this morning to help our Centerpointe Church set-up all their stuff to make their church plant a praise-success every Sunday. Chairs, audio equipment, video equipment, tables, instruments, tables, promo stuff, snacks, and more was just some of the stuff they are setting up every Sunday.

Many of our students then went out to the surrounding neighborhoods around the church and handed out fliers and other promo material to invite people to the church that morning…or someday soon.

We then had the opportunity to lead worship (Jason Cunningham and our CBSM band), and I had the opportunity to preach on “How could a good God allow evil?”

After the worship service, we then helped the church tear everything down, and went to the part for our lunch. After lunch, we let the our students play around a lot in the park…when the craziest game of parkour extreme tag broke out among our guys. It was hilarious! Continue reading

San Diego, CA Mission Trip Day #2

VisionSDWe had the honor on Sunday of leading the whole church service at the church plant we work with.  I was really thankful that we got that opportunity as its something very special to be able to lead worship and preaching in a Sunday morning worship service for an entire local church.  So our praise band and I left at about 8am to practice for the service this morning.  This is definitely a church that thrives on prepartion.  We got there and started practicing for the church service, then we went to their youth Sunday school, then prayed as a part of their prayer meeting, etc.  The service then started at 10:30am with our praise band rocking out some serious worship tunes towards Christ.  After about 3 songs, I got up and preached on what it means to be created in the image of God, how that image in us was affedcted by sin, and how we can be restored in the image of God specifically through Christ (Gen 1, Gen 3, Col 1, Col 3).   Continue reading