sermon intro video: “Apps for iWorship” the book of Psalms

CBSM media master, Andrew, spits out another phenomenal sermon intro video…this time for our series on the book of Psalms.  The song you here in the back ground is done by CBSM worship leader, Jason.  Now that’s what’s up!

storyline #79: Psalm 1 “Apps for iWorship: Jesus″

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1 – Psalm 1 – iWorship: Jesus (mp3)
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1 – Psalm 1 – iWorship: Jesus (outline)
1 – Psalm 1 – iWorship: Jesus (small groups)
1 – Psalm 1 – iWorship: Jesus (service)
sermon intro video:

This is our brand new series through the book of Psalms called “Apps for iWorship”.  In this series, we are learning how to apply worship to all of our lives.  It will last three months…May – July, and there will be 9 specific applications discussed through the Psalms: Jesus, humanity, the church, singing, emotion, the Word, prayer, confession, and missions.  Literally we are saying that through the book of Psalms “iWorship Jesus, as humanity, with the church, through singing, and emotions, from the Word, along with prayer, and confession of sin, for missions” so that He will be known!  In this series, God has called us to strip away all the flash and entertainment so that we can straight-up focus on Christ during our entire worship service.  No more funny service intro videos or crazy games to get the students hyped-up.  They are walking in, praying, hearing Scripture being read, worshipping, hearing almost an hour of preaching, and worshipping more.  I’m praying God will demolish our lives in this series with his wrecking ball, and then build us back up in Christ alone!   Continue reading