Following Jesus: Into His Death (Matthew 27)

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Do we really understand Jesus’ death? So many people preach on the physical suffering and pain during His death. Preaching on that only makes us pity and feel sorry for Jesus. But the Bible never tells us to feel sorry for Jesus or pity Him. We are the ones to be pitied apart from Him! When preaching on the physical pain and suffering of His death, it has to be done with an understanding of Him as substitute. In other words, all the physical pain and suffering He went through…was meant for me…was meant for you. God was pouring His wrath out on Jesus as judgment for our personal sin. Jesus became our sin, He became our curse, He took on our punishment, and He paid the price for us. Check out this sermon to understand Jesus’ death and our right response more fully.

LEGIT: Christians Persecuted for Jesus

As we were finishing up our series called “LEGIT” through the book of Isaiah, I came across this video. Because of its extreme content, I prayed and got counsel about whether or not to show it. The best counsel I received probably was “How can you NOT show it?” So be WARNED, this is strong, heavy, and extreme persecution for those who are LEGIT for Jesus!