framework #30: the doctrine of general revelation – Is the man on the island IGNORANT about God?

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I literally didn’t sleep at all the night before because I was so nervous and excited to start up this series and preach this message on Romans 1. This is a series on the Doctrine of General Revelation which says that God reveals Himself to everyone, everywhere, at all times so that they are held responsible and without excuse. So the question is: say there is a man somehow (HYPOTHETICALLY) born on an island, and now he is 30 years old. He dies tomorrow. He’s never been reached or contacted ever in his life by another human being. No boat, no plane, and no message in a bottle has ever come by. He dies tomorrow. Where does he go? Does God allow him into heaven or send him to hell? How does the Bible answer this question? What is God’s answer? What is your answer? Your answer will tell you so much about what you think about God, Jesus, humanity, sin, salvation, eternity, etc. Check out this mp3 and these notes to learn more about…is MOTI ignorant of God? (Disclaimer: I heard this series by one of my favorite pastors and professors of all time, Dr. Russell D. Moore. I have taken much of his lecture on this, made it my own, used many of his illustrations, and have come to many of his conclusions. So all credit to RDM!)