Following Jesus: And God’s Will For Your Life by David Munoz (Matthew 26-27)

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15 – Following Jesus – Arrested (notes).doc
David Munoz is a CBSM senior and 2012 graduate of Sparkman High School. He’s been at Capshaw Baptist for most of his life. He plans to attend Auburn University and study business management. If you get to listen to or watch his sermon, you’ll notice that he’s a naturally gifted preacher of God’s Word. He’s been preaching once a year in CBSM since he was sophomore. I absolutely loved this sermon by David. Every year I like to give him HUGE chunks of Scripture to preach. This year was no different as he had a lot to tackle from the betrayal, garden prayer, arrest, and trial of Jesus. It was a very powerful, convicting, and Christ-centered sermon. Definitely take the opportunity to check it out if you get a chance!