CBSM All-Nighter for High School Only: April 19-20

Our registration for this event is full, so the CBSM All-Nighter is sold-out!!! If you have already registered and you’re on the list, show up to the CBSM Student Building tonight at 7pm. There is no need to come earlier. Make sure you’re paid up and have turned in your medical release form as well. Bring some snack money, a jacket for the ice skating, and rested up to stay up all night!
CBSM High Schoolers, get your registration forms and $40 turned in by Wednesday, April 10th.
All 9th – 12th graders invited. We need at least 100 to go. Get those friends on board…bus!
A-Game Sports Plex Site:
Registration Form: allnighterHS2013(fillout).pdf
Medical Release form for 2013 Events (every student):2013 Medical Release Form.pdf
Don’t forget your snack money for the concession stand!

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CBSM All-Nighter for Middle School Only (6-8th Grade)

All-Nighter MS 2012 Fillout Form.pdf
Our Middle School All-Nighter is October 19-20 from 7pm – 6am! We want all of our middle schoolers to come, and to invite all their friends. CBSM has had tons of all-nighters and they are always amazing! So do whatever you have to do to not miss this. The schedule is below and the cost is only $40 which is crazy low for all we get to do! So make sure to turn in your registration form and $40 by Wednesday, Oct 10th along with all your friends’ stuff, too!

7pm: Registration
8pm: Rocking Worship Service
11pm: Neon Skating, All You Can Eat Pizza (w/ drinks), and Laser Tag
2am: Black-light Bowling
5am: All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast
6am: Go Home

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CBSM All-Nighter (High School Only): April 20 – 21 (7pm – 6am)

CBSM High School, its been a whole year but our All-Nighter for you is back! We’ll kick it off with a rockin worship concert. Then we’ll roll around town in style with some charter buses. We’ll go neon roller skating with all you can eat pizza and unlimited drinks, laser tagging, then black-light bowling, and then back to the church for a huge pancake breakfast. We’ll start up at 7pm and get done at 6am. So sing up soon and get your friends a registration form so that they can sign up soon, too! Registration forms and $40 are due Wednesday, April 11.

Registration Form: All-Nighter HS 2012 Fillout Form.pdf

CBSM All-Nighter: Middle School Only (6th – 8th Graders)

CBSM Middle Schoolers: get ready, down some mountain dew, and get hocked up on as much sugar as you can find…cause we’ll be up all-nighttt! This is your very own All-Nighter with a rockin worship service. Then we’ll be rolling around town in charter buses to neon rollerskating, all you can eat pizza, lazer tagging, black-light bowling, mini-golfing, and then an all you can eat pancake breakfast right before you go home and crash! (Parents, this will be plenty of adult chaperones on this event!)
Here are two important forms for you to have, fill-out, and turn back in:
All-Nighter MS 2011 Fillout Form (pdf)
CBSM Medical Release Form 2011 (doc)

Here’s a taste of our last All-Nighter so you know what to expect:

CBSM Middle School Girls ALL-NIGHTER: Amazing Grace

Attention 6th, 7th, 8th grade girls!! Come join the KTL girls THIS Friday, August 12th at 7pm, in the FLC for our first ever Girls All Nighter! We have an action packed night planned just for you! Awesome games, mega relays, scavenger hunt, Movie (Soul Surfer), the cutest t-shirt ever, worship, and amazing Bible study from the book of Ruth! Continue reading

CBSM All-Nighter Sermon: Why Jesus Is Our Motivation (1 Corinthians 3:10-15)

Free downloads for student pastors, small group leaders, and students:
All-Nighter 2011 Sermon 1 Cor 3.10-15.mp3
This is the message for our annual CBSM All-Nighter. The purpose of our All-Nighter event is to invite as many unchurched and unsaved friends as possible to share the gospel with them, to share an awesome night of fun, and to invite them back on a regular basis. This is why I preached from 1 Corinthians 3:10-15. I wanted them to hear the one thing they needed to know the rest of their life: the Gospel. I wanted them to hear the one thing we’re all about at CBSM: the Gospel. And I wanted them to hear what they can expect to get whenever they come back to CBSM: the Gospel. This message is all about why Jesus is our motivation for salvation through the gospel, and why He’s our motivation to live morally on a daily basis. Without Jesus as our motive, nothing matter or counts!

CBSM All-Nighter 2011

CBSM, you and all your 7th – 12th grade friends are invited to our ALL-NIGHTER in 2011 style! Here’s the schedule:
7:00pm – Get Here and Register!
7:30pmish – Crazy Worship Concert
10:00pmish – Roller Skating, Laser Tagging, Pizza and Drinks
2:00amish – Black-Light Bowling
4:30amish – Mini-Golfing
6:00am – Pancake Breakfast
7:00am – Go Home!
Its just $40 for all that and rollin’ around town in charter buses.
Your $40 and filled-out registration form are due by Wed, March 23.
Important: All-Nighter 2011 Fillout Form.doc
Important: You and your friends do NOT need a medical release form for this event. Just the event registration form.

CBSM All-Nighter 2010 Event: April 23-24

Friday, April 23 @ 7pm – Saturday, April 24 @ 7am

Required: $40 per student and Registration Card: All-Nighter Fillout (pdf)
For all 7th – 12th grade CBSM students and friends
Turn in $40 and registration by April 11 to save spot

What to bring: your friends, your Bible, and anything else you’ll need for the events listed below.  Snack $$ is not necessary, but you can bring it if you want.

$40 includes riding around town in charter bus, all you can eat pizza, roller skating, laser tag, bowling, putt-putt golf, and pancake breakfast.

For your enjoyment, all all-nighter rap video:


allnighter1CBSM Parents, Students, and Friends,

I regret to announce that the 2009 All-Nighter has been CANCELED.  We will attempt to reschedule this event.  Thank you all for your emails, responses, insights, etc.  You may be asking, “Why are we shutting it down?”  Well to be honest, this has come from the TOP.  Both Pastor Zach and Mayor Finley of Madison have requested that we not host this event.  I, of course, whole heartedly agree with them and support them. 

Prominent city officials have closed schools and have requested for children and teenagers not to congregate together.  We even had one of our own students jogging down Hughes Rd today with a buddy, and a policeman pulled over to tell them to “go home” because they don’t want kids congregating under any circumstances.  As Christians, we take Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2 very seriously (which says to obey our government officials).  We desire to be a church who models obedience to such situations as these.  Continue reading