CBSM ADVANCE Mission Trip: a Thank You from CenterPointe Church

Here is Pastor Chuck Rheam and CenterPointe Church personally thanking us for coming and doing a VBS out there. What they don’t know is…THEY were the REAL blessing…to us!

Friday and Saturday on our ADVANCE Mission Trip in SD, CA

Friday we got up late, and students did their own thing. Some went to the beach, some slept late and got an early lunch, and some went out for some souvenir shopping. Around 3pm, we went back down to the Padres stadium @ Petco Park to meet back up with George Mitrovich who got us a tour of the stadium and onto the field. Thanks George! We then headed back to the Loma Verde Rec Center where the Family Film Fun Night would begin around 6:30pm. We set-up all the games, the food, the balloon animals and face-painting tent, and the theater inside for the families to watch Toy Story with some popcorn and a drink. Praise God over 200 people showed up for the games, food, fun, and film. Bart was able to share his testimony about how God has blessed their family greatly through their involvement in church. We gave out prizes. We cleaned up. And then we went to the bay to watch some fireworks at night, on the water, over the city of San Diego.

Saturday, we got up early after not a lot of sleep, got some breakfast, went to the airport, and flew back home. It’s so good to be back, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to serve!

Thursday on our ADVANCE Mission Trip in SD, CA

On Thursday, we woke up late, packed-up to move our stuff to Point Loma Nazarene University to stay for the next couple days…and then we headed to the beach. We took the students to La Jolla Cove and Beach where we saw some sea lions, climbed on the rocks, played some ultimate frisbee, and froze in the water.

We then headed over to Point Loma Nazarene University to get settled in, and then drove over to Coronado Island for our beach-side worship service and testimony time. All 35 students shared what God did through their lives (in the lives of others) and what God did in their own life for the glory of Christ.

Wednesday on our ADVANCE Mission Trip in SD, CA

Wednesday morning, we got back out into the community and canvassed as many more houses as we could. We basically canvassed over 4,000 houses in 3 days…which means somewhere around 15,000 people got a card on the gospel and on CenterPointe Church.

We then headed to the park to get some lunch, and set-up for VBS. It was our last day for VBS, and we had about the same number of students…around 35. That totalled somwhere around 60 different kids for the whole week. We taught the kids that day the importance of living like and for Christ for the rest of their lives. We had a couple of students saved that day.

Wednesday night we went over to Beverly’s (CP’s children’s ministry director) house for some pizza and chill time. The students just broke out into kareoke and had some fun.

Tuesday on our ADVANCE Mission Trip in SD, CA

We got up, ate up, and got out by 10am this morning. We got out to share the word on the best church plant in the Chula Vista area of San Diego…the Centerpointe Church! So our CBSM high school students hit the streets hard for over 2 hours to just pass out tons of fliers for the church and with the gospel. We then went to the park for lunch, and a little chill time. After that, the VBS games began with about 35ish kids which meant all of our students got to disciple their own kid again. Praise God that two more kids were saved today! We made some really good connections at the park with families. It looks like around 100 new people should be visiting and checking out Centerpointe Church within the next month! We’re just praising God that He wants to use us like this for the gory of His Son in His Kingdom! Continue reading

ADVANCE Mission Trip to San Diego, CA

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PLACE: San Diego, CA
DATES: July 17 – 24
WHO: Students currently in 10th – 12th grades
COST: $750
DUE DATES: Parent Meeting and CALI App due 2/7, first $100 deposit due 2/17, $300 deposit due 4/11, remaining $350 balance due 7/11)

“Our ADVANCE Mission Trip to San Diego, CA is an opportunity for you to use all of the skills, methods, and training that you have learned in CBSM, at BASIC, and all throughout your life to spread the glory of Christ to the uttermost parts of the earth (Acts 1:8).  This mission trip will give you opportunities to share Christ, to serve others, to learn more about church planting and missions, and to spiritually grow more in the gospel and transformational likeness of Jesus Christ Himself.”  To see the video promo and announcement slide, just click here…   Continue reading