Acts 19 – “iWorship: by Deleting Idols” (by Curt Mize)

Curt Mize is my go to guy. Whenever I’m out of town and Curt is available, I want him teaching CBSM! Curt will be a sophomore at Auburn University this semester, he is heavily involved in ministry at one of the greatest churches in America there, and he has a heart and mind for Christ. God has gifted him to preach the stars down. So when I was out of town for our San Diego CBSM mission trip, I asked Curt to preach on Idolatry to stay within the Worship series that we’ve been going through. God led him to Acts 19 with a super practical sermon on how to delete idolatry from your life and worship Jesus only. Check it out! 9b – Acts 19 – iWorship by Deleting Idols (mp3)

Seminary and Student Ministry (part 6): the importance of teaching on the SPIRIT

holy-spiritFree file for youth pastors:

Paper: How does Acts teach about the Holy Spirit?

When we talk about the Holy Ghost, we scare little children.  When we talk about the Holy Spirit, we excite teenagers.  So many people look at the Holy Spirit as either a spiritual energy drink Who’s going to make them feel the energy of Jesus, or more like a spiritual shot Who’s going to make them lose all control.  Have you ever thought any of these questions to yourself: Continue reading