Framework #03 – Doctrine of Jesus Christ – His Humanity

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“The little Lord Jesus, no crying He makes.” Did Jesus cry when He was a baby? Or when laying in the manger was He thinking to Himself, “Okay, this hay feels a little rough, but soon the shepherds will be here. Later on, the wise-men will arrive, and we’ll be headin’ over to Egypt. Then, I have to get my game on for the temple when they’ll leave me”?

There are several of these false ideas about Jesus being human. First, “Docetism” says that because all matter is evil and God is holy, Jesus only really appeared to be human…like a ghost. “Apollinarianism” says that Jesus has a real human body but with a Divine mind. Therefore, He is really just “God in a bod.” Eutychianism says that Jesus’ deity is so vast that it swallows up the human side of Jesus like a drop of coke in the Pacific Ocean. Jesus didn’t just appear to be human; He was fully human! He had both a human mind and body! Jesus was both fully human and fully God! We must believe those facts to understand His humanity.

It’s not just that Jesus was fully man, but Jesus IS fully man. Continue reading