Storyline #09 – Genesis 25-35 – "Wrastlin’ with God: You better hang on for your life!"

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09 – Genesis 25-35 – Jacob (ppt)

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09 – Genesis 25-35 – Jacob (sermon notes)

I felt like I was hanging on for my life as I was being thrown around like a rag doll! A few summers ago, I had the opportunity to go tubing behind a very large boat on the waters of Lake Huron. Unlike normal lakes, this Great Lake is very choppy and wavy. With the boat pulling me and another rider on a tube at ridiculously high speeds, we were literally hitting the waves and being thrown at least 5 feet into the air. I wasn’t just hanging on to the tube to have more fun, but I was hanging on for the sake of my life. I knew that hitting the water tubeless could mean an injured body, severe eye damage, or the risk of being eaten by a sea creature!

In Genesis 32:22-32 (please read), Jacob is doing the very same thing: hanging on for his very life. Continue reading

Storyline #08 – Genesis 17-27 – "What’s So Funny?: The Story of the Son of the Covenant"

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08 – Genesis 17-27 – Isaac (sermon notes)

Talk about a laughing stock! As I was snow skiing in California this past weekend, I got onto the lift with my buddy, Justin. I felt some pressure on my feet, looked down, and my skis got caught and snapped off as we were going up. So, the operator stopped the lift as we were about 100 feet away going up the mountain. Everyone turned to see as to why the lift had stopped. He climbs up the the icy mountain to us with my skis, reaches up, and pops both of them into my boots. Everyone clapped as he was the hero and laughed at me as the idiot. Haha! Continue reading

Storyline #07 – Genesis 12-25 – You Must Be Trippin: Calling, Blessing, and Struggling

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07 – Genesis 12-25 – Abraham (mp3)

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07 – Genesis 12-25 – Abraham (ppt)


I often like to think back on the journey God has taken me through to get to where I am now.  I grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  From there I spent time in Pensacola for college, back in Tuscaloosa for more college, northeast Pennsylvania to graduate college, northwest Michigan for three summers of camps, Detroit for a year long youth ministry internship, Louisville for the masters degree, southeast Indiana for my first full-time youth pastorate, and now I live in the Huntsville area of Alabama for my dream job.  God certainly did not tell me at the beginning that I would end up here, and I’m glad He didn’t.  If He had, I may have been tempted to skip a few stops along the way which would mean I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful people in my life.  Ultimately, I would have not grown from every experience He took me through. 


            As we study the life of Abraham, we see that God did tell him the future. Continue reading