The Experiment: Switching up our Small Group Strategy

framework-new We’re experimenting with a pretty big transition in our student ministry. I believe this major experiment just may tighten up our relationships, put more of an emphasis on preaching during Wednesday nights, help our students to understand how to apply the Word, equip our students to discuss the Word more, allow our adult leaders more opportunities to mentor their small groups, and integrate the discipleship process in our entire student ministry. Now that is killing a whole flock of birds with one stone!

What is this big experiment that may accomplish so much? Well, its always been a dream and passion of mine to teach teens twice week: one time on biblical theology (how the storyline of Scripture from Genesis – Revelation points to Christ), and one time on systematic theology (how the framework of doctrine points to Christ). Well, I’m thinking that may be a little much. After hearing so much great feed back on Wednesday nights for our Storyline series and not hearing as much from Sunday morning for our Framework series, I’m willing to experiment with changing up our Sunday morning Sunday school small groups. I’m willing to try to change them from a pure systematic class (which really isn’t much opportunity for pure small groups), and transition them to a more pure model of small groups which would be led by adult leaders who facilitate questions based on the preaching that week. Continue reading