FYPO – For Youth Pastors Only: CBSM Back to School Bash 2010 Report

PRAISE REPORT: Over 250 teens attended. Over 60 brand new visitors. And at least 7 teens SAVED that night!

If you’re researching how to do a great Back to School Bash, I’d love to give you our 2 cents on how God blessed us with a powerful one! We first tried doing Back to School Bash’s on Saturdays. We tried inflatables, we tried worship services, we tried no worship services, we tried a huge private pool, we tried to keep middle and high school together, and we tried separating them. But this year, everything just seemed to come together so well.

We planned our Back 2 School Bash on the 3rd Wednesday that the teens had been back in school. That allowed the word to get out and anticipation to build. We decided to try it on a Wednesday this year because we are a “Simple Church and Student Ministry” so we want all of our events to surround the most important thing we do…weekly worship services. We also did it on a Wednesday because we wanted to show all of our guests and visitors EXACTLY what we do every Wednesday in our worship service. We didn’t bring in a guest band. We didn’t bring in a guest speaker. We didn’t do anything different. We wanted to show them EXACTLY who we are, what we do, why we do it, and what they can expect every Wednesday. Continue reading

CBSM Medical Release Form 2010

Free download:
CBSM Medical Release Form 2010
Parents and Students,
This medical release form only needs to be filled-out and turned in once in 2010 because it is good for the whole year. Continue reading

ELHS Graduate Baccalaureate Sermon and Service

I’m so thankful for the opportunity from ELHS to speak their Graduate Baccalaureate service this year. I was so impressed with the attention these graduates, their friends, their families, and their fans gave the Word of God being preached. Here’s what I believe God gave me to preach to a huge class of 2010 graduates. As they were going into the military, into college, and into the workforce…I wanted to make sure they knew their God (and Gospel through Jesus), their Gift (how God has gifted them to serve Him), and their Group (the kind of church God is calling them to be a part of).
ELHS Baccalaureate Service 2010 sermon (mp3)