Storyline #21: Leviticus 11-15 “God, what are You saying?: The laws of cleanness and the gospel of Christ”


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21-leviticus-11-15-clean-and-unclean (handout)

21 – Leviticus 11-15 – clean and unclean (ppt)

21 – Leviticus – 11-15 – clean and unclean (mp3)



          Could you imagine living in this country at a time when a rampant disease killed at least one-third of our population?  This didn’t just happen to a country but an entire continent!  In the 14th century, the Black (Bubonic) Plague swept through Europe killing an estimated 75 million people over 300 years.  Historians disagree whether the disease took the lives of 1/3 or up to 2/3’s of the population.  Apparently, this disease was carried by fleas and rats.  It is said that sailing ships would run aground with all of the crew dead. 

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