Storyline #50: 1 Samuel 13-15 “EPIC FAIL: Where the Wrong King Leads”

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If you like our “Epic Fail” sermon, you’ll love this sermon on the “Sexiest Story in the Bible” on Numbers 25. You won’t believe it!

4 – 1 Sam 13-15 – Saul Decline (Scripture)
4 – 1 Sam 13-15 – Saul Decline (mp3)
4 – 1 Sam 13-15 – Saul Decline (outline)
4 – 1 Sam 13-15 – Saul Decline (ppt)
Powerpoint Game – Busted (Fails go to Jail)
4 – 1 Sam 13-15 – Saul Decline (order of service)

Piggy-backing off last week’s lesson, I have another story from my canoe trip in Canada.  One of the days there while portaging (hiking with the canoe on my shoulders from lake to lake), I was following behind my canoe partner since I couldn’t see where I was going.  What was supposed to be a 2 minute hike turned into about 30 minutes…and longer.  I decided to run ahead a mile to try and find the rest of the crew, but all I found was myself all alone in the middle of the Canadian wilderness and defenseless while wearing a bright yellow “come and get me all you wild animals” life jacket.  I followed the wrong leader which led me to isolation, fear, helplessness, and danger.

The same is true for our lives.  I want to challenge you on where the wrong leader will lead you, and to give you some reasons as to why you need to follow Christ.  Continue reading