Storyline #59: 1 Kings 11-16 “Kingdom Divided: How Christ Reunites Relationships”

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One of the most ridiculously cheesy magic tricks can be when a magician cuts their assistant in half.  But there are versions of this that are so good I can’t explain.  Penn and Teller’s version is like an explanation to the audience of how magicians do it, but their twist comes when they “accidentally” turn one half of the girl sideways and her “guts” fall out.  David Blaine is my most favorite.  He doesn’t cut the girl in half, but he pulls her in half while in a public park on a park bench.  The bottom half of her then stands up, and her top half army-crawls away because she’s so freaked out.  YouTube it!

An even more shocking act of being torn apart is God’s Kingdom.  How do we explain an all-powerful, all-wise, and all-loving seeming to allow His solemn covenant to be torn into pieces?  How does God’s Kingdom getting divided even make sense?  Many of us as Christians have broken relationships.  How does that make sense for Christians?  Continue reading