Sermon: “The CBSM Love Virus” from 1 Corinthians 13

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1 Cor 13 – Love Virus (sermon)
1 Cor 13 – Love Virus (small groups)
God has bee blessing our student ministry tremendously with numerical growth. We are so thankful that we just get to be a part of this. I was amazed as I was thinking over 1 Corinthians 13:1-3…and how the 5 categories that Paul was bringing up…were what seemed to be the factors as to what God was growing our student ministry through. Spiritual giftedness and talent, preaching, growing in knowledge, faith, missions, and selfless sacrifice…but Paul says that those are NOTHING without LOVE. So last night’s challenge was to make sure that we always keep LOVE for Christ, LOVE for each other, and LOVE for the teenagers of our community as the forefront and the backbone of everything that we do. If we don’t have love laced into everything we are doing…then we are spiritual losers and bums who have jack squat. That’s what God said. That’s what Paul said. So that’s what I said…last night.

Seminary and Student Ministry (part 7): the issue of speaking in TONGUES

speaking-in-tonguesFree file for youth pastors:

Paper: “To Speak or Not to Speak: The Issue of Tongues Today”

Teenagers are always asking me what I think about the issue of “speaking in tongues.”  I really think that they are fascinated with the whole concept.  What if the Spirit really does take control of our mouthes and help us to speak only His words.  Of course they are fascinated.  I am fascinated with the concept!  Getting to speak another language without even knowing it.  Getting to speak “babble” as worship to God with words that aren’t understood.  Getting to share the gospel with someone of another culture and they hear it in their own language.  Having someome stand up in church, speak in tongues, and then someone else interpretting it as direct words from God.  THAT IS FASCINATING!  But is it true?  Is that what God through the Holy Spirit still does.  Continue reading