7. Chip’s eBooks (2)

eBook: “Macro Theology: An Overview of Christian Theology”
Click link for free download:
Macro Theology eBook (pdf)
Boring. Narrow-minded. Dry. Dividing. Lame. Too intellectual. Those are just a few thoughts and emotions that people go through when hearing about a series on doctrine and theology. I’ve heard people respond, “Isn’t doctrinal just for the professionals? Don’t they study theology in the academic world? The church needs more practical encouragement than theological theories and doctrinal statements!” I’m going to be totally honest with you…there’s not much that get’s me more pumped-up and excited than teaching doctrine and theology to teens. To be even more honest, I’ve been bored out of my mind when listening to some people teach doctrine. Those crusty profs could make a million dollar shopping spree boring, too. This eBook on “Macro Theology” is all about recovering the exhilaration of doctrine and theology, connecting it all to the person and work of Christ, and explaining it with practical application for the church and the Christian. There is nothing boring, dry, or lame about that!

eBook: “Christocentrism: How Christ is the Center of All Life”
Click link for free download: “Christocentrism: How Christ is the Center of All Life” (pdf)
This is written to be a very quick read in order to explain to teenagers, parents, youth pastors, small group leaders, and others…as to how Jesus is the center of all faith and life. That is the way God has designed it. To be the center means that Jesus is the focus, the theme, the goal, the aim, etc. Jesus is the center of the Bible, the Gospel, our motivation for righteousness, our spiritual growth, the church, and more. If you’re spiritual life seems unfocused, off-center, and sporadic…I promise you this quick read will re-center your sights onto Jesus Christ!

4 comments on “7. Chip’s eBooks (2)

  1. Just found your site today. Thank you for putting these resources together for students! I’m a pastor and my wife and I are always looking for solid, gospel centered resources geared towards our kids as we train them in their faith! Now that I’ve got one in middle school and one in high school, I’m finding there’s a weird gap between kids ministry and college level resources to expose them to and your 2 ebooks look like they might be a great fit!

    • Nathan, thanks for the blessing of being able to hear that. Please let me know if I can serve y’all in any other way. Keep the Gospel at the center, bro!

      Only by His grace,

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